How to remove the Family Base Companion app

Windows 10: Uninstall apps completely - here's how

Uninstalling apps on Windows 10 is finally possible. In our instructions, we will show you where and how you can remove unused apps.

Uninstall apps on Windows 10: Instructions for complete removal

  1. Open the Start menu in the lower left and search for the app you want.
  2. Right click on the app and select the "Uninstall" option.
  3. If you then confirm the process, the app will be permanently deleted. You can download the app again at any time.

Windows 10: Completely uninstall all apps

Unfortunately, you cannot remove all apps on Windows 10. This also includes the Xbox app. But with a little trick you can get rid of these apps as well.

  1. Open the following Microsoft website and download the script.
  2. Open the ZIP file and unzip the "RemoveWindowsStoreApp.ps1" file it contains.
  3. Right click on the file and select the option "Run with PowerShell".
  4. You will now receive a numbered list of apps. Enter the number of the desired app below and confirm with [Enter].
  5. The app is then completely uninstalled.
  6. Note: Laypeople should keep their hands off this tool. For example, removing the Cortana app can cause problems with the system.

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In the next practical tip, we will show you how to enlarge and reduce an app in the Windows 10 Start menu.

(Original tip written by: Tim Aschermann)