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My favorite Alverde products

DM's own brand of natural cosmetics, just like the own brands of other drugstores, divides people's minds. Some swear by the inexpensive products, others downright demonize them. Personally, I'm somewhere in between. Of course, I am well aware that products around two or three euros cannot contain the highest quality ingredients. Nevertheless, I find that inexpensive natural cosmetics products make it easier for many people, especially young people, to start or switch to natural cosmetics and also enable those who have little money or are not willing to buy a lot to consume products with natural ingredients to spend. But this article is not intended to be a fundamental discussion, I just want to introduce you to the products from Alverde that I like to use, that in my opinion are of good quality and that I have bought or would buy. At the end of the day there are still a few flop products waiting for you.

Alverde Liquid Soap Lavender Mallow

I am one of those people who wash my hands quite often. All too often I have come across soaps that have dried out my skin and made it feel tight. Since I don't want to keep putting lotion on my hands, a hand soap that doesn't dry out my skin is important to me. I found this in the liquid soap from Alverde. I also appreciate the practical pump dispenser and the pleasant smell of lavender.

Alverde coconut shower peeling

I've bought it a few times and raved about it on my blog, about the shower scrub with desiccated coconut. I use scrubs very rarely, maybe once or twice a month. Above all, it is important to me that my peeling does not contain any plastic granules that I then flush into the groundwater and thus poison lakes and seas. Since the peeling granules of the Alverde peeling consist of desiccated coconut, the most important factor would already be fulfilled. Furthermore, the grain should not be too scratchy and the smell should be pleasant - this is exactly what this Alverde product fulfills. However, it is not too productive, which I can ignore with a product that is not even two euros. So if you are looking for a light peeling and also like the smell of coconut, I can warmly recommend this product.

Alverde healing earth washing cream and facial peeling

I have only been using the two products with healing clay for a few months and I am positively surprised. I still use Lavera products for my daily facial cleansing. But the two from Alverde are used about 1 to 2 times a week, otherwise I would find them too drying out. They clean my slightly dry combination skin well and do not dry it out with my irregular use.

Alverde Lemon Rosemary Body Oil

As already described here, I am very enthusiastic about this body oil. I don't use it at the moment, but I will definitely buy it again.

Alverde lip gloss

DM also offers decorative cosmetics from its own natural cosmetics brand. Of course, I haven't tested everything yet, but the Colouful Lip Laquer lip gloss is definitely one of my favorites (Color 10 Exotic Coral - LE 2014) and the duo lip gloss (Color 20 field berries - LE 2013). The colors are nice, the product doesn't settle in the wrinkles of my lips, and they don't dry out my skin. The shelf life is of course limited, but I don't know that any different from conventional lip glosses.

Alverde eyebrow pencil

I haven't bought this product yet because it is incredibly economical. If the eyebrow pencil is used up at some point, I'll definitely buy it again. Because for me the vocal color is perfect: a very dark brown with a minimal red tint, which goes perfectly with my hair color! The durability and, as I said, the productivity also convince me.

Alverde Kajal eyeliner in black

The black kohl eyeliner is perfect to accentuate my dark eyes. Either I wear it on the waterline or as an eyeliner on the lid. I also find the color release, the productivity and the shelf life of this product to be very good.

Alverde flop products

Of course, in addition to these top products, I have already had some flop products from Alverde. I cannot recommend the shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments at all. These product categories don't work at all for my hair. I also find the moist make-up removal wipes bad.

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Do you know the products? And what are your tops and flops from Alverde?