How tall is President Obama's oldest daughter

Proud US President - daughter (16) grows Obama (1.85 m) over his head

Now she is finally at eye level with her daddy ...

US President Barack Obama (53) is a proud 1.85 meters tall. But the times when daughter Malia (16) had to look up to the most powerful man in the world are obviously over.

The Obamas are currently on family vacation on the fashionable island of "Martha's Vineyard" in the state of Massachusetts, a kind of Sylt in the USA: spacious beaches, dreamy dunes, salted prices.

Photos of the arrival and departure (short vacation break due to urgent crisis talks in Washington) show: In the winter vacation father and daughter could change their ski clothes in the future. They finally have the same (clothing) size.

And in basketball, the 53-year-old should no longer see a country against his highly talented daughter: experts count her among the top young players in the entire state of Washington.

The vacation island has only 15,000 inhabitants, 800 kilometers north of Washington.

The journey is a bit complicated: In Cape Cod ("Cape Cod") in the south of Massachusetts, the Obamas had to switch from the presidential aircraft "Air Force One" to "Marine One", the presidential helicopter. The two family dogs "Bo" and "Sunny" are also part of the party.

The baby, Sasha (13), skipped the first week for personal reasons, but should follow suit in the second week.

Obama's vacation villa has 17 rooms and ocean views

The Clintons, Kennedys and other presidents have sought relaxation on the island of the rich and beautiful. Despite all the murmuring of the critics about the lack of closeness to the people. The Obamas vacation villa has 17 rooms, a pool, a tennis court and a sea view, according to the local press. Plus golf course proximity. Plus space for the security advisors who update Obama several times a day on the current state of the world.

Last year, the First Family had forked $ 50,000 a week in rent for a similar summer home.

You shouldn't be afraid of sharks here: Steven Spielberg has his shocker here The White shark turned. Recently there were again isolated sightings.

President Obama is currently plagued by other major concerns: the Ukraine crisis, the Middle East crisis, the Iraq crisis and the Ebola threat.

The time he can spend on the beach with his teenage daughters (Sasha, 13, also recently had a strong growth spurt) has long been felt by Obama as too short: “While I find it more exciting year after year to spend time with them spend, they find it less exciting every year, "he complained in 2013 on the news channel CNN.

On the other hand, the Obamas seem to be spared the worst teenage fluff from their daughters. They should grow up as “normally as possible” around the White House.

Malia Obama spends most of her free time doing sports and is a high school volleyball and basketball player.

Your team didn't lose a single game in the past season. According to official statistics, Malia made 225 points.