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Have them in your dating mailbox Have you ever received an email with a text similar to the one below?

If so, the following guest contribution by Hans-Jürgen Förtsch, one of the managing directors of the well-known dating site “in-ist-drin.de” will hopefully help you if you don't know exactly whether you would like to respond to such a cover letter.

This alleged flirtation email is always accompanied by a photo of a girlishly innocent young Russian woman.

But now to the contribution by Mr. Förtsch:

For you only:
At the beginning, let me apologize for disturbing you with my email. My name is Ekaterina. The reason I am writing you is that I am in search for a soulmate for a life time and a friend, my soulmate. To be honest I hate of being without anybody. The internet dating is new to me and I have never done it before. I was at the internet cafe and somehow I visited a website in-ist-drin and I managed to send you and email by means of some virtual program. The person who works there helped me as well. IN this email I have attached my images and I hope you like it. Let me tell you more about let you know some more about me and my life. As you already know my name is Ekaterina and I live in Russia. I am 24 years old. I can find myself as kind, loving, tender, respectful, open-minded, intelligent, with a sense of humor. I would be happy if you have the same traits of character. My family is not big and I live now with my mum and I am lonely without my second half. If your interested in me and in knowing more about each other better in case you’d like to .. please email: ekatygirl001 [AT] xxxxxom24 [DOT] com

I wish you all the best for New Year and let it bring you happiness and joy!
Longing for your respond.
Truthfully yours

Of course nobody helped the alleged lady,
no one who works at IN-ist-DRIN guarantees
let alone given the alleged lady an email address,
But on the contrary:

This mail, mentioning IN-ist-DRIN and the employee who helped
should ensure that you gain trust, believe in the authenticity of the mail,
and respond to it.

Whoever replies to such emails is only made in love,
then it is even pretended that the lady is on vacation at short notice,
and would arrive on XY with flight XY in Germany ...

But you wait in vain at the airport ...
But the lady also has a plausible explanation for this:

Hello dear XXXX !!! I'm so upset…. I have unpleasant news for us.
One problem which prevents us will meet.
Today in the morning when I to go aboard the plane at the airport,
the employee of the airport stop me and informed that for passage of customs house
I will need money, it is 1240 euros. At me is 500 euros. And still it is necessary for me 740 euros.
This money are required that I shall show in customs house that I to have funds on life
(payment of habitation, meal and other charges) and I shall not ask you in the country an alms.
These funds only are required to show them at the passage of customs house.
If I shall not have this sum that I cannot take off from Russia.
I have nobody to ask except for you more. I shall not spend cent from this sum.
I don’t know about it. But I have found out it only today.
I change air tickets for December 16. If I shall not have this sum that I can't fly to you.
I ask you to send me this sum. I shall return to you these funds at our meeting at the airport.
Once again I shall repeat that I shall not spend this money,
these funds are required only for passage of customs house.
I shall wait for your fast reply.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina.

Those who have been really in love beforehand will of course understand
and now the well-known Western Union snaps rip-off trap.

Hello My Love xxxx !!!
My Love, I long thought over all. And I have understood, that I will not be humiliated and ask from you money.
This your business to help me or not. You want it or not.
I will never be humiliated. I want that you knew.
I have learned as you can transfer me money.
It is the company western union. And here all my data:
Here all my data:
First name: Ekaterina
last name: Volkova

In truth, this email is a sophisticated rip-off
which are currently millions of times under countless email addresses,
and is sent with mention of almost all known single exchanges.
(Both women and men)

Of course, none of the dating sites mentioned in it has given your email address,
or would even work with such organizations.

See also:




Do not reply to such emails.
The only goal of these emails is your wallet or even your account number.

Money transferred once via Western Union is irretrievably lost!
Nor will you ever find out who picked up the money,
let alone the lady will come on the next flight.

best regards
Your IN team is… IN

The photo is of course not from a SCAM, but licensed in a regular way and has no connection with spam mail:
Photo copyright by: Franz Pfluegl - Fotolia.com