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The 20 best free games for the PS4 and PS5 in 2021

If you are looking for cool games during the Corona period, you don't necessarily have to spend money. Many free-to-play games now deliver just as good a gaming experience as some full-price titles. This is also shown by these free games for the PS4 and PS5 in 2021.

We have selected 20 free games of different genres for you and present them. Some of them have been on the market for a few years, but all of them will be among the most popular and best-rated Free-2-Play titles that can be found on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 in 2021. The good thing about it: you have nothing to lose.

If you are interested in one of these titles, you do not have to think twice, read tests or decide between several titles if you have cramps. You can simply download these games for free (or for a small fee of 25 or 49 cents for the purpose of age verification for titles 18 and over) from the PS Store and get started right away.

And it could be worth it for you. Because some people are still restricted by the developments around the corona virus and are more tied to their home. Perhaps you will find such a title with which you can bridge this time, or which can even captivate you in the long run - without spending a cent on it.

Remember: The games are not in a judgmental order. These are mainly online games with multiplayer elements (but not exclusively). All the games listed here can be played on both the PS4 and the PS5.

This article was updated on January 12, 2021.

Get started with the best free PS4 and PS5 games of 2021.


What is Dauntless? Anyone who knows Monster Hunter World should quickly feel at home at Dauntless. In a world of floating islands, massive monsters terrorize people. These so-called behemoths eat the aether through which islands, i.e. your home, float. To prevent humanity from being destroyed in this way, you slip into the role of a slayer and hunt the gigantic beasts - alone or in co-op online multiplayer with up to three other hunters.

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This is what makes Dauntless:

  • Huge monsters that feel like raid bosses in battle
  • Gameplay similar to Monster Hunter World: You have to kill monsters in strategic battles and you get better and better equipment
  • All kinds of weapons, armor and consumables
  • No Pay-2-Win: All gameplay-relevant content is accessible free of charge
  • “Game as a Service” model. Dauntless should be provided with updates and new content in the long term

Dauntless is suitable for: everyone who likes spectacular and demanding fights against individual monsters and who love crafting and the hunt for better and better loot.

Everyone who enjoys or is interested in Monster Hunter World should also take a closer look at this free alternative.

Download for the game:Dauntless on the PS Store

Sorry Monster Hunter World, I'd rather play Dauntless - that's my reason

Fortnite - Battle Royale

What is fortniteFortnite is arguably the most popular battle royale shooter in recent years. Although the game with “Save the World” also has a paid PvE part, this is nowhere near as popular as the free Battle Royale.

It's about asserting yourself against 99 other players on an ever smaller playing area. The winner is whoever is the last one left.

In Fortnite, however, there is a construction mode that allows you to build your own fortresses and other structures and thus protect yourself against others. That brings further tactical possibilities and tricks that you won't find in other genre representatives.

This is what Fortnite is all about:

  • Cool colorful comic-style graphics
  • Easily accessible and easy to learn
  • Construction mode
  • Events, different game modes and formats
  • Regular updates and new content through Battle Pass and Seasons

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Fortnite is suitable for: everyone who likes battle royale and wants to let off steam as a builder or is generally interested in the genre. Even if you are currently looking to get started in Battle Royale, Fortnite is just right for you. Getting started is child's play, matchmaking is short and the player base is huge.

Download for the game:Fortnite in the PS Store

Apex Legends

What is Apex Legends?Apex Legends is a battle royale shooter set in the universe of the iconic Titanfall series. You jump over an island with two other players and slaughter yourselves on an increasingly smaller playing area until only one team is left from the 60 players who started earlier. To do this, you first choose a hero with individual skills and then use his skills as well as a number of futuristic shooting clubs and gadgets that you will find on the way.

As usual in BR-Gerne, there are regularly new seasons including a Battle Pass, with which you can then unlock new content. The game itself is free2play, you only have to pay for cosmetics and the Battle Pass, but you can also play completely without using any money.

This is what makes Apex Legends:

  • Numerous heroes (legends) with unique skills that radically influence your play style
  • Lots of cool guns
  • Excellent gunplay developed with the help of professional shooter player Shroud
  • Focus on team play
  • New content in the form of Seasons and Battle Pass

Apex Legends is suitable for: Fans of fast BR shooters à la Fortnite. Are you also happy about black humor, is crisp gunplay very important to you and you would rather do without building? Then you are also right at Apex Legends. But fans of hero shooters like Overwatch could also enjoy Apex Legends and its distinctive characters.

Download for the game:Apex Legends on the PS Store

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War Thunder

What is War Thunder?War Thunder is a military MMO simulation that lets you experience different facets of the battlefield. There you have the choice between airplanes, tanks and even ships and helicopters.

The aim is to destroy the opponent or to conquer and hold strategic points. Depending on which map you are playing on, either only one type of weapon is permitted or there are combined battles in which, for example, planes and tanks fight together.

Your vehicles are divided into levels. The lower tiers are early versions from the 1920s. The technology level is increasing and currently ends in the 90s. From double-deckers to jet planes, everything is included.

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This is what makes War Thunder:

  • Large-scale battles on the most important historical battlefields
  • Large selection of war technology from different military epochs
  • Adjustable degree of realism. On "Arcade" it plays like a typical shooter. You don't have to worry too much about details like physics and ammunition. But if you like, you can play realistic modes in which the wings of an airplane can tear off during extreme maneuvers or a tank becomes a victim of inertia
  • Detailed damage system that places great emphasis on realism. A single good hit can shut down a tank immediately if a shell accidentally penetrates a viewing slot and tears up the crew inside.
  • Regular extensive content including dynamic historical campaigns and solo missions

War Thunder is suitable for: anyone who wants to fight military conflicts with detailed and realistic war equipment. The game looks very good and has a lot of content for fans of tanks, ships and planes. Especially fans of simulations are right here, because on the highest realism setting you won't even be able to leave the runway without the appropriate skills.

Download for the game:War Thunder in the PS Store

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DC Universe Online

What is DC Universe Online?DC Universe Online is an action MMO set in the famous DC Comic Universe and puts you in the role of your personal superhero. So you can combine the skills and appearance of well-known DC heroes such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman and save the world from impending doom or plunge it into disaster with your character.

You will experience all kinds of quest-based adventures that take place in iconic locations in the DC universe - such as Gotham City or Metropolis. There you can move around freely and are supposed to perform various tasks. This will make your superhero or supervillain just keep getting better and stronger.

This is what DC Universe Online is all about:

  • Fast, action packed fights
  • You play as a hero or as a villain
  • Many well-known characters from the DC Universe
  • Authentic locations from the DC Universe
  • Story-driven adventures and quests

DC Universe Online is suitable for: everyone who has always wanted to let off steam as a superhero or super villain in games. If you like spectacular fights with other iconic comic heroes and authenticity is a top priority for you, then DC Universe Online is the right place for you.

Download for the game:DC Universe Online on the PS Store

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