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Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation

On the other hand, I was able to use and implement the experience I had gained in my practical work very well in my studies. Due to these synergy effects, it was possible to continuously build up knowledge, which was particularly helpful in preparing for the tax advisor exam.

The high quality of the course is achieved in particular through the choice of lecturers. The transfer of specialist knowledge by people who really have outstanding skills in their fields is something very special.

In the course of study, essential basics are imparted in all subject areas that are important for the tax advisor exam. In some areas, the transfer of knowledge goes even further, for example in that in-depth content is passed on to the students in international tax law and conversion tax law. At these tax “special events” it was also extremely beneficial that the lectures were given by practitioners. They often let us participate in the new tax developments and advisory approaches that they currently had to deal with.

For exercise purposes, we were given tasks based on practical cases to work on, among other things. We were able to apply and implement the knowledge we had acquired right away. When working on the solution, I also found it very pleasant that the lecturers always talked to us at eye level, although they were of course far superior to us from a technical point of view.

The approach to solving practical problems that I learned in the course of the course is of great help to me in my daily work today. In addition, the many presentations that we had to give as part of the course also helped me improve my skills in this area. Ultimately, I am sure that I will benefit very often from the skills I have learned as part of the Mannheim Master of Accounting & Taxation in the context of my practical work.

My personal highlights: The cooperation with the other fellow students in the context of tasks to be mastered as well as all lectures in the context of conversion tax law and international tax law.

In addition, the really perfect organization of the course must also be emphasized. This is initially reflected in the organization of the time processes during the course. In addition, you could approach the program management directly with any problems. They always listened to you and tried to solve the problems that occurred as quickly as possible.