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Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Get Impa's Gem in Kakariko with video instructions

Impa's jewel is one of the many secrets and puzzles in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can get it in Kakariko if you solve some tasks. The way to Impa's jewel is a bit hidden and we will show you the steps to take so that you can get the stolen jewel back.

In Breath of the Wild you need the jewel from Impa to complete the shrine questThe stolen gemcomplete. Before that, there are many individual tasks to solve, including three quests of your own, for which you have to meet certain requirements again. So there is a lot to do, which is why we will explain all the individual steps to you on this page.

Too lazy to read? Here you can see the entire quest in the walkthrough:

Get Impa's gem in Kakariko

You can find the corresponding quests in Kakariko. In our video above you can see a complete sequence of the quests in moving images and we will go into the details below. There are three in number and we will introduce each of them to you individually. The three quests are:

  • The legendary fairy spring
  • Escaped chickens
  • Dancing lights

It's best to stick to this order, as you have to complete the first two tasks first. There is a lot to do if you want to get Impa's Gem, so go ahead!

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The legendary fairy spring

For this task you need to take a picture of the said source. So of course you need the photo module from theHateno Institute.However, this happens more or less automatically, as Impa will send you there during the main story. As soon as you have the module, your way leads you back to Kakariko, where youhave to speak to Kangis outside Impa's house. This will give you the quest. Kangis will start running and you will have to hurry after him until he is exhausted. Now you have to keep walking andlure the great fairy from the spring for 100 rubies. Now take a photo of the source and show it to Kangis so that the task is solved.

Escaped chickens

For the second task you have to find the missing chickens from Cado. You can find him across from the armaments shop in Kakariko. He will ask you to histo find seven chickensIt can be very helpful if you already have the Sensor + from the Hateno Institutereceived. With this you can take a picture of a chicken and then find the others more easily. Here you have a list with the individual locations:

  1. On the roof of the armaments shop.
  2. There are trees behind the armaments shop, where a chicken appears in the evening.
  3. Go to the middle campfire in Kakariko.
  4. Across from Impa's house by the lower campfire.
  5. Look for a small roof at the entrance to Kakariko.
  6. Go to the Taro Nihi Shrine.
  7. In the south of Kakariko, on a canopy.

Once you've searched these seven locations, you can return to Cado and complete the task. If these tips are not enough for you, you can also check the locations in our video.

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Dancing lights

You have to complete this task last. Only after you have completed the other two tasks willDancing lightsunlocked. You have toafter 10 p.m. go to the first house at the entrance to the village. Talk to Himba there, who will assign you the task and look for youSends five crawling worms. You can always find them after sunset in the village of Kakariko.

To catch the worms, you just have to sneak up on them and then let them slide into your pockets. If you have all five together, you go back to Himba and you can finally look for Impa's jewel again.

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The stolen gem

Once all three tasks have been mastered, you can finally start. Go to Impa and talk to Paya. This gets the job done after all the workThe stolen gem start. You are tasked with catching the thief and convicting him. Leave the house and go to the nearby campfire and wait until 10 p.m.. From this time on, another character shouldDorian, demonstrate. He is one of the Impa guards and will leave his post.

Now be quiet and carefully follow Dorian. After a while he will reach a podium and shout out loud “Show yourself!”. Now you should go to him so that a cutscene can be activated. There is a fight and you have to get oneAsk a Yiga officer. After the fight is over, you finally hold the Impa jewel in your hands. How won so melted ... you have toplace the jewel in the recess of the pedestal. It's gone again, but you have the questThe stolen gemcompleted!