What is a black Metzner dog

black metzner

I have had many dogs and experience has taught me that everyone has different dietary requirements. Sometimes digestive disorders subside due to a change in food, and fur problems can also subside. Slender greyhounds often suffer from nervous disorders when the protein content is too high; rather, they need carbohydrates for immediate energy release. Other breeds, such as sporty huskies, need high-quality protein instead, while carbohydrates would only add on.

Age, like constitution, plays a role in individual needs and some diseases require a special nutrient composition.

But honestly, which dog or cat owner really looks through the many manufacturers, brands and content? Not me - to the chagrin of my dogs. Therefore, I am dealing with a non-binding Feed check tries to be, by the way, which is not only for dogs cat food can be found there too.

That saved me the long search for the right food: Here you only have to invest a few minutes and answer a few specific questions about your dog or cat. You will then receive up to five food samples tailored to your darling as a free package!

Simply the Feed check try it out - I am very happy to have found the right food this way.

Greetings Tobi

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