How to develop under developed posterior delts

Types of endurance in sports

What is persistence? This is the ability to relieve physical fatiguehow to develop endurance Resist muscle activity. It is measured by the time that the muscles of different intensities work.

Coordination activities require precise movements. And here the index of endurance is very important. It is necessary to accurately perform the movements. This applies to gymnastics and figure skating.endurance is the most important physical quality.

Basic types of endurance:

  • General or aerobic behavior - it is expressed in the ability to do physical work of moderate intensity over a long period of time. These include swimming and hiking, as well as skiing. Even a sawmill can be added to this list.
  • Special - it is characterized by the ability of a person to perform physical work in a particular sport, with a predetermined how one develops endurance intensity for a long time.

Specific types of endurance:

  • High speed.It is important to keep the time while in a certain mode not the speed and pace of certain movements.
  • Makes.It is able to reflect the ability to work hard for a long time without reducing efficiency.
  • Coordination.This endurance affects motor activity, which is characterized by various actions of a technical and tactical nature.

Methods of developing endurance

In order to develop aerobic endurance, it is necessary to do cyclical exercises. In this case, all muscle groups will be involved in the work. Excellent assistants will hike, swim and ski here.

Competitive exercises are necessary to develop a particular stamina. The same applies to imitations and especially preparatory ones.The main methods used for cardio training:

  • The method is uniform.It is necessary to work continuously at a steady speed for a long time, maintaining the given speed and rhythm. The same applies to the speed and amplitude of the movements.
  • Variable method.Here the loads vary constantly during a continuous exercise. In particular, the speed changes or how one develops endurance speed and perhaps the amplitude of the movements.
  • The method of repetitions.The exercise is performed at maximum speed, literally in 10-20 seconds. Then you need an active break so that you can fully recover.
  • Circuit training.Here the exercises are performed in a circle. There are stations that act on muscle groups. In this case, interval or regular training is possible.
  • The game method.Perseverance develops during the game. Here the situation is constantly changing. The same goes for emotionality.
  • Competitive method.Exercises are carried out in the form of competitions.

Development of general endurance

Cyclic exercises are successfully used to develop general endurance. Their duration should not be less than fifteen and even twenty minutes. And such exercises should be done in the usual mode.

Practice rules:

  • Availability of the charge towards complication. In the course of the studies, the organism will gradually get used to the changes in the physiological state and adapt to the loads as well as possible.
  • Exercises should be done systematically as one develops endurance - just so that they are effective for the body. The requirements regarding the loads and the sequence of their effects must be strictly observed. Also, don't forget that you need a break. And the process of classes cannot be interrupted. If you are a beginner, you should alternate the days of sports days with a rest - the only way that will be able to increase endurance.
  • Everything should be gradual. This also applies to the increase in load requirements. This is the only way to prevent damage to the heart and blood vessels and help adapt these systems to your training.

Rules for the structure of trainings:

  • At the beginning of the trip, everything should be done to maximize aerobic performance, improve the functions of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the respiratory system. Here should be added to the list and strengthening the spine. During this time, you will develop general stamina.
  • Then we proceed to the second stage when the volume of loads is already more impressive. This type of training is mixed.
  • Then comes the third stage, when more intense exercises are included in the training program. They should be done through interval and repetitive work in the same developing persistence manner as the lessons in the second stage. Particular endurance affects certain components here.

Food for endurance

The diet of athletes and those who are not in work is very different. Yes, and athletes on a diet use completely different products depending on the purpose of such a diet: do they want endurance or strength and maybe speed?

With sustained exertion in the muscle area, it is necessary to bring separate nutrients into the diet. Their dosage varies depending on the condition of the organism. This is the only way to fully recover after an impressive training session or participation in competitions.

What is the difference Training of endurance? Energy consumption increases in the body. To nourish the body, helpers are carbohydrates and fats. The diet must contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates - this is the best fuel for the body and the development of endurance.

  • Carbohydrates.Your dose for each organism is strictly individual. The minimum daily dose should be 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. If the workouts are intense, you'll need to increase your intake to 9 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram per day. It is important not to overdo it - excessive consumption of carbohydrates leads to the accumulation of fat. It is best to gradually increase the intake of carbohydrates and regularly monitor the weight and proportions of fat in the body. In the diet, oats and buckwheat, as well as brown rice and legumes should be introduced. The same goes for vegetables and some fruits.
  • Proteins.In order to develop endurance, athletes need to consume enough protein. If you want to develop extreme stamina then you cannot do without it. At least 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of weight should be consumed a day. If the exercise is very long, then this indicator increases to 1.8 grams. Squirrels eat egg and yolk, fish and game, poultry and lean red meat - these foods are high in protein.
  • Fats.To maximize endurance, it is necessary to use omega-3 fatty acids. The same applies to monounsaturated acids. It should be remembered that fat is multifunctional in the body. Therefore, the consumption of fats should be at least fifteen or even twenty percent of total energy consumption. Look out for olive oil and flaxseed, as well as hemp. The same goes for sea fish and nuts.
  • Water.Of course, this is not a caloric nutrient, not even a food product, but water is very important to athletes. It is necessary to use this liquid regularly throughout the day. For a long workout that takes more than an hour to develop endurance, it is worth adding carbohydrates to the drink.

Perseverance and age

Bioenergetic factors - determining in the manifestation of perseverance. The dynamics of age changes is best judged by the metabolic rate.

In a sport where high performance energy plan, the maximum results possible to achieve those who have reached the physiological maturity pores. It's roughly the age of eighteen to twenty-five. Then the indicators of how to develop endurance physical activity gradually decrease, after sixty years they are half the maximum.

How can you increase your stamina?

There are several ways to solve this problem. Here it is important to follow several steps.

  1. During an action, the muscles should not be tense or rigid.
  2. Water is vital and necessary for the normal functioning of the body. It is a regulator that is responsible for the distribution of energy in the human body.
  3. It is necessary to pay attention to a balanced diet.
  4. Interval training is the most effective way to increase endurance.