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Distance in golf

As a coach I am constantly asked, "How far should I hit my 7 iron?" There is a simple answer to that - as far as possible. Distance is a decisive factor for performance, but it should be put in relation to the level of play. That is why the table shows you distances in relation to a handicap. Check where you stand against your fellow opponents in your handicap range and find out how you are doing.

In golf, it is well known who is in the hole with the fewest strokes, not who can hit the ball the farthest. And so that you can get the most out of it, there is a professional tip for women and men on this topic.

If you hit your ball significantly further than the rest of your handicap class, then a visit to the putting, chipping & pitching green would be appropriate. Because even if the range is a decisive performance factor, it is not the only one. According to the often quoted phrase "Driving for show, putting for dough".

Distance table women

True to the motto "Ladies first", we start with the ladies' striking distances. The table is divided into different handicaps and provides information about where you are with your range.

Tip for women

Due to the physical conditions, women do not hit their ball as far as men. But that does not only have disadvantages. Because if the ball doesn't fly that far, it doesn't fly that far out of the way. For this reason alone, you will spend more time looking for your male playmates' balls in the rough than your own. OK then! Take advantage of this and work on your fairway shots with the woods. So you too can make up for the lost length!

Use woods with high lofts for this. For example, a wood 11 makes perfect sense if your throwing distance is below the handicap -36 region.

Wood 11? So what is that?

This racket is equipped with extra loft. And contrary to popular belief that a racket flies farther with little loft, the truth lies in the ball's angle of departure relative to the speed of the ball. The more loft a club has, the more forgiving it becomes! You will love him.

Example water hose:

When you use your garden hose to water your flowers, you can see the following. Depending on how much you turn on the water, you have to incline the hose with the opening more or less upwards in order to achieve the maximum spray width.

If the distance with the driver is less than 100m, a wood 11 is worthwhile as the longest fairway club. LL shaft with as little weight as possible (approx. 40g)

With a shot distance of approx. 100m with the driver, the longest fairway club is worth a 9 wood. LL shaft with as little weight as possible (approx. 40g)

If the distance with the driver is less than 130m, the longest fairway club is worth a wood 7.L-shaft with little weight (40-50g)

A wood 5 is only worthwhile as the longest fairway club when the driver hits a distance of approx. 130m.

And only interesting for a few women, with a driving distance of at least 170m with the driver, a wood 3 is worthwhile as the longest fairway club (fitting makes sense)

Women should put more woods in their pockets than men in golf. A combination of 3 woods is often worthwhile, starting with the corresponding wood from above. There are indications of the speed with which less loft no longer makes sense.

Example: You hit the ball with your driver 100m. Then you can go up from wood 9 (in this case, wood 9 & 11). If you hit your driver over a total distance of 120m, then a combination of 7.9 & 11 wood is worthwhile. And if you hit it at least 170m, then pack a 3.5 & 7 wood.

Here you will find my favorites of ladies woods with a lot of loft!

Distance table men

The lords of creation hit the balls a little further. But also further out of the direction. Here, too, you will find an overview of the throw distances in different handicap classes. Where do you find yourself again?

Tip for men

The man's increased testosterone level not only leads to longer shot distances, but also to merciless self-overestimation of one's own shot distances. While the women are a bit more realistic, every third male golfer allegedly hits the ball 300 meters. This leads to the wrong choice of equipment and far too often the men do not have suitable clubs - especially with the driver. The higher the speed, the more carefully the equipment should be selected and fitted.

So my tip, go to your pro and have your shot distance and club head speed measured. Because stiff shafts are not automatically better and 9 ° loft does not automatically fly further than 11 ° on the driver.

Very important: So that the balls land more in the middle of the lane, the focus on hitting the racket in the middle would be very advantageous. And how can you check something like that?

Buy Impact Tapes! You can find it here.

Impact tapes make the meeting point on the racket visible, so you can work on hitting the ball in the middle of the racket face. An "off-center hit" has unexpected consequences at higher speeds. So the ball, hit at the tip of the racket, curves to the left. Hit at the heel of the racket near the shaft, it curves to the right.

Here is the challenge:

Get impact tapes and try to hit the ball alternately - on purpose - at the heel and the tip of the racket. Check the hit point and watch the ball fly carefully. When you have developed the competence to hit the ball at a desired point on the racket, it will also be much easier to hit continuously in the middle!

Can you manage to hit the ball at the tip and heel 10 times in a row? Then leave me a comment, I'm curious!

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In addition to the actual range, there are of course other performance-critical factors. You can also shoot over the target with the perfect shot if you don't know how far it is to the flag. While the professionals still have to live with yardage books and walking distances, we can simply rely on a laser or a GPS watch. But which of these technologies is right for you?

Fortunately, we have the right tips for you here too. In our article we cover the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies so that you too know what to get yourself!

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Steffen Kefer is a PGA golf professional and headed the PROject GOLFacademy at GC Bad Wörishofen e.V. He regularly publishes training articles in the German Golf Journal and writes swing studies for Golfpunk Magazin.

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