How did Andre Rosey Brown die

An independent autopsy has now been published in the case of Andrew Brown Jr., who was killed by a police officer. He was probably shot from behind.

Elizabeth City - The small town in North Carolina has been under night curfew for a few days. The Corona * pandemic is not the reason for this. The city administration fears that the evening protests could turn into violence. The demonstrators had to go home at nightfall.

Those affected have little understanding for this. Much more pressing is the question: How exactly did Andrew Brown Junior die? The African American family man was killed in a police operation. As US media reported, the 40-year-old got into his car at a police check and wanted to drive away. The officers then opened fire.

Andrew Brown Jr .: Five shots from behind - autopsy results shock family and lawyer

The results of an independent autopsy now suggest this may be the case. Only the images of the body cameras carried by police officers in the United States can only bring final clarity. The victim's lawyers are demanding that they be released.

"That was an extrajudicial execution!" Brown's attorney, Wayne Kendall, said Tuesday. Five shots were fired at Brown, according to the autopsy findings. Four hit him in the arm. The fifth fatal in the back of the head. The investigation was requested by the relatives. The family wants clarity.

USA: Lawyer for killed African American demands camera images - "Don't have to speculate any further"

“They just have to show us the images from the body camera,” the lawyer appeals, “then we wouldn't have to speculate any further.” Images from surveillance cameras could already be viewed. They show, albeit indistinctly, that seven deputy sheriffs were at Brown's house.

When they pulled up, the family man was already in his car. His lawyer and brother explain that he only wanted to get to safety, had both hands on the steering wheel. Then a police officer shot him in the back of the head. The officer who fired the shots is on leave until further notice, according to the police.

How could the mission escalate like this? Police may have to publish pictures - judge decides

A judge will decide on Wednesday whether the pictures from his body camera are published. All that is known at the moment is that the police had an arrest warrant for drug offenses against Brown. The recordings should clarify how the situation could escalate.

The investigating sheriff, Tommy Wooten, interjects, however: "Images from body cameras could be shaky and hard to decipher." Family, friends and the public will hope that the recordings paint a recognizable picture. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.