Solatube costs as much as it costs in the Philippines

Cost of Living in the Philippines

I keep getting emails asking how much money do you need in the Philippines per month, resp. what is the cost of living in the philippines?

Of course there is no general answer to this question, it depends on the standard of living you live in the Philippines.

While the prices for a house or apartment strongly depend on whether you live somewhere in the province, in a city or even in a tourist destination, they are Food prices, Furniture or objects of the entertainment industry but more less the same everywhere. And: the longer you live in the Philippines and get used to the local products, the cheaper it gets.

Please remember that the information provided here is only for the Living in the philippines be valid. In one Vacation in the Philippines you will certainly not be able to cope with these amounts.

A simple rule of thumb

Since the question is mostly how much money do I have at least a month in the Philippines, here is a rule of thumb that I have adopted from my Thailand site, it should also apply roughly to the Philippines.

  • With approximately. 600 - 800 euros / month you can just make ends meet if you can find a cheap apartment for around 50 to 100 euros / month and don't go overboard in the nightlife, if that's possible in the provinces.
  • With approximately. 1000 to 1200 euros on the other hand, you are doing really well in the Philippines. You hardly need to compromise and there is even one or two short breaks in the region.

Of course there are also bon vivants who work with amounts less than 600 euros per month survive but I claim that this should only be possible away from the tourist centers in the deepest province, where you can rent simple small houses for 2500 pesos.

Basically you shouldn't be completely penniless when you come to the Philippines, because the cheap accommodations are always unfurnished and there should at least be enough for the essentials (bed, refrigerator, stove, dishes, TV, stereo, telephone, etc.). Even if these things are not that expensive on site.

You shouldn't forget to always have the money for any necessary trips, new visas or Visa extensions and definitely available for a home flight ticket.

The typical monthly fixed costs for a 2 person household in the Philippines are roughly: (Last update of the table: April 2019; 1 € = 58 PHP))

rental fee from: (simple house province)
Electricity without aircon

1000 to 1500 Peso

Electricity with aircon
Water: (domestic water)
Garbage: (is free in some regions)
Telephone & DSL Combi (Globe)
Drinking water (1 unit every 2 days)
Food for 2 people
Transport (refueling or jeepney)
Cable TV or satellite TV
Cheapest sum:
Sum deluxe

It gets more expensive in the cities

The costs would of course increase drastically if someone were to rent an apartment in a city like Manila or Cebu for approx. 15,000 to 30,000 Peso / month rents. As is well known, there are hardly any upper limits. There are also other various costs, for example for one Foreign health insurance. These are limited to 1 or 1 - 5 years, for example at Hanse Merkur in Germany from approx. € 33 to € 59 / month.

For the table above I have used my own household for 2 people, with me once a week with the moped I drive the 25 km into town to buy meat and other important things. Small items such as vegetables etc. are already available in the next town on the market or in the grocer. All lamps in the house are energy-saving lamps, 1 large refrigerator, TV and computer run for several hours a day, no aircon.

Withdraw money for free

Also at this point again the reference to the free Current account at the DKB With VISA cardwith which you worldwide (also in the Philippines) at almost all ATMs, completely free and free of charge * Withdraw cash and leave your money in an account in Germany. Everyone should have this account!

* Unfortunately no longer applies to the Filipino withdrawal fees of approx. 250 Peso per withdrawal.

Click here for registration and further information at the DKB (Germany)

Click here to open an account for Austria