How to Make Voodoo Sam Bergeson

The Devils were founded in 2015 in the deep south of Italy in Naples, recorded this and their predecessor album with Jim Diamond (the White Stripes, the Dirtbombs), have since cooperated with Voodoo Rhythm Records and have been touring all over Europe since then (approx. 200 shows per year) in the Band Bus they mainly hear Magic Sam or ZZ Top but live on stage the devil comes out and one thinks to live at one of the first VENOM shows with a handful of GARAGE PUNK !! Gianni Pregadio plays a fuzz guitar over a bass amp like nobody else, but that is Desert Rock of the very fast kind and Erike Toraldo plays her drums so energetically that you think she makes small pieces of it, simultaneously she screams like a madman into the microphone, that is like balm for every devil and a temptation for every angel.
For 'IRON BUTT' they traveled to Moltebelluna in northern Italy, flew in Jim Diamond and recorded this very warm analogue album in the end, it feels like a punch from the speakers straight to the stomach, the longest song is just 3 minutes long and the average of the other songs is between 1 and 2 minutes but of enormous explosive power, any longer would not make any sense that is DOOM mixed with GARAGE PUNK and HARDCORE ROCK'N'ROLL at its best, songs like RED GRAVE (video Clip) has a New York no-wave groove mixed with songs from the Joshua Trees PRAY YOU PARROTS, on the other hand, it's just a fist in the face and you want it over and over again, the only cover version is THE PEOPLE SUITE by the Deviants the year 1969


Rieccoli! Ed è proprio il caso di urlarlo, perché dopo il loro esplosivo esordio nel 2016 con l'etichetta Voodoorhythm il secondo album dei partenopei Devils, semper targato Voodoo, conferma il precedente Sin, You Sinners con le sue sonorità aggressive e minimali a base di riff pesanti e ripetitivi, urla e batteria pestata.
Stavolta però nei due membri del group c’è una consapevolezza, una maturità e diciamo pure una sfacciataggine maggiore e l’impressione che si ha ascoltando Iron Butt è che il garage rock italiano ha probabilmente trovato la sua band di riferimentoils proprio con i i. Tutto questo a riprova del fatto che anche in Italia una certa scena underground abbia una ragione di esistere e soprattutto di emergere e da questo punto di vista la cantante-batterista Erica Toraldo e il chitarrista Gianni Pregadio possono dire di avere vintoost la loro scommessa aver poco o niente da invidiare ai garage rocker di oltreoceano.
Promuoviamo quindi questo “Iron butt” a pieni voti e tra i pezzi più interestingi citiamo l'indiavolata, e non potrebbe essere altrimenti, “Pray You Parrots”, “Don 'Tell Jesus” con un esecuzione vocale da brivido, la squinternata “Radio Maria Anthem ”suonata tipo marcia trionfale e l'esilarante cover dei Deviants“ The People Suite ”. Uscita dell’album prevista per il 15 December prossimo.

Heresy, ass worship, and a chainsaw-on-metal cover of “The People Suite” from The Deviants round out what The Devils conjure up with their second LP, Iron Butt. Stylistically similar to their first LP, Sin You Sinners, these two Neapolitan fuckers amp up the tempo on this tenfold. The BDSM-like relationship that Erica Toraldo (drums / screams) and Gianni Vessella (guitars / throat) share is sweet and all but don’t expect these two to write complex songs that make you look inwards to find a deeper purpose with yourself. Wrong band! This is minimalistic, lunatic-level trash rock on amphetamines, the kind you hit it and quit it to! Trash rock? What the hell is that? Everyone will give you a different answer, ours is the most unhinged rock imaginable influenced by Russ Meyer movies, Hasil Adkins, seedy diner food, and a half-empty soda bottle with three cigarette butts floating inside.
As an econo lineup, minimalism yields maximum results here. Throughout the 10 tracks of Iron Butt, Toraldo and Gianelli collude with the dark side by addressing topics of sin, sodomy, and other facets of man’s ruin and ecstasy with scuzzy punk / blues riffing and thrashing drums. “Radio Maria Anthem” is the tamest track on this album because it's an instrumental! From there, it's a "musical" free for all that any prude or overly sensitive person will cry foul over, subject matter wise. Who needs discretion when you have a song called “Put Your Devil into My Ass”, Iron Butt's explosive lead off. The duo show that they can get down with some heavy blues with “White Collar Wolf” but the rest of the album is fast as hell and ends before you know it, like the worst (or best!) lay you've ever had.