Which is better after shave or Cologne

1) Both metropolises on the Rhine are attractions for tourists. How much old town do the two cities have to offer?

Raised a city by the Romans as early as 50 AD, Cologne today has an old town area of ​​4.816 square kilometers. Although a large part of the medieval building fabric was destroyed in the Second World War, the remains of the Roman Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium can still be found today, for example the praetorium near the town hall. The old town of Düsseldorf is a little less spacious, with 0.48 square kilometers, it takes up just a tenth of the area of ​​Cologne. The nucleus of the city, which was first mentioned in a document in 1159, scores with a lot of flair: 300 pubs, discos and restaurants cluster in the alleys. Result: 1: 1

2) Which city is the greener?

The city of Düsseldorf states 1238 hectares of public green space on its website, 641 hectares of which are in parks. However, it does not succeed in surviving against neighboring Cologne. Thanks to Konrad Adenauer, who had circular green belts created in the early 1920s, Cologne still has an impressive 2,900 hectares of public green space and 4,000 hectares of forest today. Result: 2: 1

3) Which city has more of the Rhine?

Father Rhine is known to flow through both cities. Those who want to cool off in the floods of the river, however, have a larger choice in Cologne's urban area: the city limits the river over a length of almost 41 kilometers. Opposite are 42.1 kilometers in Düsseldorf, but only on the right bank of the Rhine. In both cities, however, there is an absolute bathing ban above and below the Rhine ports. Result 3: 1

4) Let's get to the traffic. In which city do car drivers have to pay the most for parking?

The point here clearly goes to Düsseldorf. An average of two euros per hour is to be paid for a parking space in Cologne, while in Düsseldorf the user pays just 1.50 euros. Result 3: 2

5) Once the car has been parked: where is the fastest public transport?

In no major German city do people get to their destination more slowly than in Düsseldorf. That was the result of a study by the management consultancy Arthur D. Little. Because Cologne comes in penultimate place, there is a draw in this matter. Result 4: 3

6) We come to the hot topic number 1, beer. Which type of beer - Alt or Kölsch - is the more popular outside of your own city?

Of course, people from Cologne would never drink Alt and neither would people from Düsseldorf touch a Kölsch. A look at the market shares in North Rhine-Westphalia, however, shows that the Kölsch is in the favor of the neutral population with 13.65 percent, clearly ahead of the Alt (8.61 percent). Neither of them are the front runners, however, but the traditional Pils. Result 5: 3

7) Unlike Cologne, Düsseldorf is considered the city of the rich. What is it about the prejudice?

Quite a few. In 2012, a total of 378 income millionaires lived in the state capital, one for every 1537 inhabitants. Despite its much larger population, Cologne only has 346 millionaires in its ranks. Result: 5: 4

8) And what about city finances?

Here, too, the point goes to the state capital. Unlike Cologne, which is currently groaning under a total burden of 2.424 billion euros and had to adopt an austerity budget, Düsseldorf is the only major German city besides Dresden that is debt-free. Result 5: 5

9) Which city has the more important airport?

The bare numbers speak for Düsseldorf: In 2012, 20.83 million passengers entered and left the terminal, and 217,219 flight movements were counted. Despite the military part and the readiness to fly for the federal government, Cologne / Bonn only has 9.30 million passengers and 134,400 flight movements. On one point, however, even the third largest airport in Germany cannot keep up: Cologne / Bonn Airport has the only runway in Germany that was also an emergency landing site for NASA space shuttles. Result 5: 6

10) Where is the tallest building?

In Cologne. With its 266 meters, the Colonius just wins against the 240.5 meter high Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf. Result: 6: 6

11) Something completely different. In which of the two cities do partnerships last longer?

If you take the official 2010 figures aside, then love seems to last longer in Düsseldorf than in Cologne. While 1343 marriages were divorced in the state capital, 2852 couples went their separate ways in Cologne during the same period. Result: 6: 7

12) The next comparison clarifies whether it is due to the carnival. In which city will more people be mobilized for the removals on Shrove Monday?

Point victory for the Alaaf. In 2013, it wasn't just the train route that was record-breaking in Cologne: 116 festival, grand, parody and carriages, 91 tractors, 59 baggage wagons and a total of 12,136 participants lined up. In Düsseldorf, 72 company cars, 105 baggage cars and a little over 5000 participants still moved through the city center. Result 7: 7

13) Which of the two cities is the real internet capital?

Nobody knows that better than the search engine Google. If you type in Düsseldorf, you get 124 million search results, Cologne brings it to 150 million. Result: 8: 7

14) We come to the market value of the soccer players of 1. FC Köln and Fortuna Düsseldorf. Which squad is rated higher by experts?

The specialist portal transfermarkt.de currently estimates the value of the Düsseldorf kickers at 26,450,000 million euros. Here, after a year in the second division, the FC is left behind. All the kickers together are worth only 20,950,000 million euros. Result: 8: 8

15) As our comparison has shown so far, there can be no question of the cultural or economic dominance of one city over the other. In order to choose a winner, it might be helpful to take a look at the past. What are the derby statistics of both clubs?

FC and Fortuna have met 54 times in the Bundesliga and the Cup. The FC was victorious 27 times or in exactly half of all games, Fortuna only won the derby 13 times. The last point therefore goes to the city of Cologne. The final score: 9: 8.

The victory in the big city check goes wafer-thin to Cologne. As the result shows, however, there is a neighborhood on an equal footing.