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Getting married (Skyrim)

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The opportunity to Marry was in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim newly introduced.

After the player has received the amulet from Mara and has been instructed by Maramal, one has the option of entering into a marriage with an NPC who is a potential spouse. The gender of the NPC does not matter. It is not possible to marry a Khajiit, Bosmer, Male Redguard, or Male Altmer without console commands. Also, you can only remarry using console commands.

In order to unlock the option of marriage, however, a certain quest must first be completed for most characters.

Regardless of whether the partner is a merchant or not, it is possible to buy and sell items from him or her. It is also possible to collect a daily amount of gold from the partner's possible income. Every 24 hours you can ask your partner how his / her business is going to get a share of 100 to obtain. If the share is not collected daily, the sum will be added up to the day of collection.

the marriage proposal

In order to propose marriage, the player must wear an amulet from Mara so that the potential spouses can see that the player is still single.

The amulet can be obtained as follows:

If you have not received the amulet from Maramal, you still have to talk to him about the wedding customs in Skyrim before the corresponding options for discussion with potential marriage candidates appear. These conversation options are then activated for certain people if you wear the amulet and have already completed a task or quest for that person. One can then communicate one's desire to marry the appropriate character. As soon as this is done, you can speak to Maramal again in the temple of Mara about the date of the desired wedding.

The wedding ceremony

It will then take approximately 24 hours for the ceremony to begin. Maramal advises that the time span for the ceremony must be between sunrise and sunset, but it can be held at any time of the day. During the ceremony, the player has one last chance to cancel the wedding before proceeding with the ceremony.

People for whom the player has already completed one or more quests can appear as guests at the ceremony.

If the player misses the wedding ceremony, he / she still has the chance to approach the intended partner one more time and ask for another chance. Maramal will then agree to hold another ceremony the next day.

Everyday life in marriage

  • After the wedding, the partner will ask where you want to live. You get the chance to move in either in the partner's house or in a house of the player together, if he owns one.
  • The behavior of the new significant other now changes compared to their pre-marriage life. The tone of voice and the general behavior change, often addressing you as “love” or “sweetheart”. However, if you marry one of your Huscarles, he / she will continue to address you as Thane in the command conversation menu.
  • When the new life partner has to move to another city to live with you in the same house, there may be times when he / she wants to become a trader to keep them busy while you are on adventure travel.
  • If you want to send the partner to another place of residence (either to another property of the player or the partner's original home), you can do this at any time using a dialogue option.
  • Once a day you can ask your partner to cook something for you. He / she will then prepare a home-cooked meal, which increases the regeneration of magic, health and stamina.
  • If the player stays in the house with his / her partner, the player will receive a temporary bonus, Lovers' Comfort, which will improve skills 15 percent faster for eight hours. However, this bonus cannot be obtained if the Love Stone is activated or if the blood ritual has been performed to become a werewolf.

Since partners act as dealers, you can buy and sell items from them. However, if asked to follow one, they will only sell the player items from their inventory until they part ways. They only act as dealers in the common home, which means, for example, no items can be sold to them in dungeons or while traveling in order to reduce the load.

Potential spouse


Surname race job place requirement
Aela the huntressNorthCompanion Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
AeriNorthLumberjack Angas Mill, Principality of PaleChop firewood for them.
To whomRedguardpriestess Temple of Dibella, MarkarthCompletion of the temple quest The heart of Dibella.
Avrusa SarethiDunmerinAlchemistSarethihof, Principality of RiftComplete quests for her or help out on her farm.
Borgakh the SteelOrsimerWarrior Mor Khazgur, Principality of ReachPay her trousseau or convince her to leave home.
Camilla ValeriusImperialTraderRiver forestCompletion of the quest The golden claw or the quest A love triangle.
DravyneaDunmerinmagician KyneshainBring her frost salts.
Ghorza gra-BagolOrsimerBlacksmithMarkarthBring her the bookThe last scabbard from Akrash.
GilfreImperialLumberjack Mixed water millChop firewood for them.
GrelkaNorthTraderMarket Place, RiftonInvest in their booth.
HilundDRNorth- Outside the Mead Hall in Thirsk, SolstheimBring her 50 Riekling Spears.
IonaNorthHuscarlHonigheim, RiftonThane from Rift
JenassaDunmerMercenary Drunk Hunter, WhiterunPay their wages (500 ).
Jordis the Sword MaidenNorthHuscarlGood pride tip, lonelinessThane of Haafingar
LydiaNorthHuscarlKite festivals or Brisenheim, WhiterunThane of Whiterun
Mjoll the lionessNorthAdventurer Marketplace or Bee Sting, RiftonFind Sinister Blade.
MorwenDRNorth- Skaal village, SolstheimFree her and deliver her mother's amulet to Runil in the quest Morwen's request.
MuiriBretonAlchemist Witch healing, MarkarthKill Alain Dufont for her in the quest Sorrowful awakening of the Dark Brotherhood.
Njada stone armNorthCompanion Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
OrlaNorthpriestess Temple of Dibella, MarkarthCompletion of the temple quest The heart of Dibella.
RayyaHFRedguardHuscarlHaus Seeblick, Principality of FalkenringThane von Falkenring
RiaImperialCompanion Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
SennaImperialpriestess Temple of Dibella, MarkarthCompletion of the temple quest The heart of Dibella.
ShahveeArgonianFisherwoman Argonian quarters, Windhelm: portBring her Shahvees amulet from Zenithar.
SylgjaNorthMine worker Shors stoneTake the letters to her father.
TaarieAltmerTraderShiny robes, lonelinessShow her clothes to Jarl Elisif.
Temba long-armNorthLumberjack Ivar insteadBring her ten bear pelts.
Uthgerd the indomitableNorthWarrior Flagged mare, WhiterunWin the fight.
Viola GiordanoImperialpensioner House candlelight or on the streets of WindhelmCompletion of the quest Blood on the ice.
YsoldaNorthTraderMarket Square or Ysolda's House, WhiterunBring her a mammoth tusk.


Surname race job place requirement
AinethachBretonMine owner KarthwastenHelp him with the mercenaries in his mine.
Argis the bulwarkNorthHuscarlVlindrel Hall, MarkarthThane from Reach
Angrenor once-honoredNorthbeggarWind helmetGive him a Septim.
AthisDunmerwarrior Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
BalimundNorthBlacksmithScorched hammer, RiftonBring him ten fire salts for his forge.
BelrandNorthmercenary Winking Skeever, lonelinessPay his wages (500 ).
BenorNorthwarrior MorthalWin the brawl against him.
CalderNorthHuscarlHjerim, wind helmetThane from Ostmarsch
CosnachBretoncarrier Silver Blood Inn, MarkarthWin the brawl against him.
DerkeethusArgoniansFisherman Dark water pass, later dark water crossingRescue him from Darkwater Pass.
Explore-Many-SwampsArgoniansFisherman Argonian quarters, Windhelm: portTalk to Torbjorn Butter-Shield about the dockworkers.
ErikNorthFarmer / mercenary To Frostfrucht, RorikstattConvince his father to make him an adventurer.
FarkasNorthwarrior Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
FilnjarNorthBlacksmithShors stoneClear the red-bellied mine from the frostbite spiders.
Gat gro-ShargakhOrsimerminers Kolskeggr mineClear the Kolskeggr Mine of the Forsworn.
Ghorbash the iron handOrsimerwarrior Dushnikh YalConvince him to leave the fortress.
Halbarn iron furDRNorthBlacksmithBujold's Refuge, SolstheimBring him ten stalhrim and 15 ebony bars.
MarcurioImperialmagician Bee sting, RiftonPay his wages (500 ).
Moth gro-BagolOrsimerBlacksmithUnterstein Fortress, MarkarthBring him a daedra heart.
Octieve SanBretonbeggarlonlinessHelp him pay off his debt.
OmluagBretonBlacksmith / caster MarkarthPersuade Mulush gro-Shugurz to treat the workers better.
OdfelNorthminers Shors stoneClear the red-bellied mine from the frostbite spiders.
OnmundNorthcollege student Academy of Winter Festivals,

Winter festivals

Join the Winterhold Academy and complete Onmund's quest.
Pavo AttiusImperialminers Sleggwart mineClear the Kolskeggr Mine of the Forsworn.
PerthBretonminers Soljund's pitClear Soljund's pit of the draugr.
Quintus NavaleImperialAlchemist The white bottle, wind helmetCompletion of the quest The white vial.
Revyn SadriDunmerDealersSadris second hand goods, wind helmetTheft of Viola's gold ring
Roggi Shaggy BeardNorthminers Steam fire mine, KyneshainFind his family shield.
Romlyn DrethDunmerBrewers, smugglers Black Thorn Brewery, Bee Sting, or Romlyn Dreth's House, RiftonBring his stolen barrel to Windhelm.
Sondas DrenimDunmerminers Dark water crossingSell ​​him ore.
Sorex ViniusImperialbarkeeper Winking Skeever, lonelinessBring his wine to the Blue Palace.
StenvarNorthmercenary House candlelight, wind helmetPay his wages (500 ).
TorvarNorthwarrior Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
VilkasNorthwarrior Jorrvaskr, WhiterunCompleting the Companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
ForestayNorthmercenary Silver Blood Inn, MarkarthPay his wages (500 ).
WilhelmNorthTavern keeper Vilemyr Inn, IvarstattExplore the Fire Veil Hill and bring him the diary.

Divorce in Skyrim

Divorce in Skyrim is possible through the following console commands (PC version):

    Simple script

    It is possible to script the divorce.

    1. First a new text document is created on the desktop under the name "". Then the text document is opened and the commands are entered there.
    2. The text document is now saved on the desktop, but under the file type "Batch File".
    3. A batch and a text file called "bat divorce" will appear on the desktop. These two files must be copied to the Skyrim root directory. The root directory is located at
    4. Now the game will open. Enter "" in the console. The divorce was successful if no error messages are displayed.