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Large rims - 8 imposing aluminum for a sporty appearance

Why big rims?

Big rims have the advantage that on the one hand they look better. They give the vehicle a distinctive, sporty look. On the other hand, they also have the advantage that they usually require larger and therefore, above all, wider tires. This improves the driving characteristics of the vehicle: road adhesion and grip increase, improved cornering behavior and larger brake calipers and brake discs can be installed.

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Why big rims?

Most drivers invest in large bikes because of their cool looks. But as I said, the driving characteristics also benefit primarily from the wider tires. The braking distance is shorter on dry asphalt, for example. But be careful, as always, the coin has two sides. This effect is reversed on wet roads, as the larger contact surface promotes aquaplaning. In the following we have summarized all information about large rims for you so that you can decide for yourself: Why large rims?

Large rims - fast, sporty, extravagant

The trend is not only towards large when it comes to the vehicle itself, the wheels must also be more and more massive - or at least look. For comparison: While the first Golf still had 13-inch wheels, the current Golf R comes with either 18- or 19-inch rims. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the cars - and with them the braking systems - are getting bigger and bigger. On the other hand, large rims are a pure fad.

VW Golf 2 with 14-inch rims


Big rims vs. small rims
How big are 19 inch rims in cm?
What are the benefits of large rims?
Flat, flat, low profile tires
Disadvantages of large rims ?!
Big rims, big (and narrow) tires
8 delicacies from our wheel shop
Too large rims - penalty?
What else should you watch out for?

Big rims vs. small rims

When do we actually speak of large rims? Of course, that depends primarily on the vehicle. 17-inch rims are already large on a Golf 2, while 22-inch rims are not uncommon on a VW Amarok. The stock rims are a good guideline. If you add an inch size, you can speak of large rims.

How big are 19 inch rims in cm?

19 inch rims are 48.26 cm in diameter. How does this result come about? Very easily. 1 inch is 25.4 mm. And 25.4mm x 19 = 482.6mm (48.26 cm). Et voilà!

Sure, large rims are an eye-catcher. But what influence do the aluminum with a large diameter have on the driving characteristics? More about the advantages and shortcomings can be found now.

What are the benefits of large rims?

What are the advantages of large rims? Many tuning fans simply like the look that large rims give the vehicle. However, with thick slippers it also means: more aluminum, less rubber. Why? Not every tire size is permitted for your vehicle. So if the rim has a particularly large diameter, the tire wall must shrink so that the permissible wheel diameter is still guaranteed.

Flat, flat, low profile tires

Tires with flat sidewalls are also called low profile tires. The aspect ratio between the height and width of the tire is crucial. If it is less than 80 or unofficially 50%, one speaks of a low profile tire. What now - 80 or 50%? Quite simply: In the past, 80s tires were standard, but today many tires have a profile below 80. As a rule, low-profile tires have a larger contact area for this.

Big rims - disadvantages ?!

And what does the fun cost? Well, that was the keyword. We come to the dark side of large rims or low tires.

  1. Low profile tires are usually more expensive than classic tire models.
  2. The suspension decreases - and with it the comfort when driving.
  3. The rim is more easily damaged, e.g. if it collides with the curb
  4. More fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as the large wheels increase rolling resistance and deteriorate aerodynamics

Big rims, big (and narrow) tires

Ever heard of tall and narrow tires? No..? The name already gives it away. These are tires with a large diameter, but they are narrow. Surprise. The rolling resistance is significantly lower than with wide tires. But also the grip and lateral dynamics. This means that steering and cornering will be impaired.

Electric cars in particular are often equipped with these tires. For example the basic version of the BMW i3 with the tire size (155/70 R19). The 19-inch rims are only 155 mm wide, but 108.5 mm high.

Large rims - 8 delicacies from our rim shop

What we have learned: The driving behavior and comfort depend not only on large rims, but also on the width of the tires.

By the way: in our rim shop you will find light alloy rims from 13 to 23 inches.

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1. Borbet Y - Y-spoke in 16 inches

16 inches doesn't sound like big rims at first. But on the Golf 3 or Škoda Fabia II, the aluminum looks quite sporty, right?

Škoda Fabia II with Borbet Y alloy wheels

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2. Brock B39

Dynamic, sporty, extravagant: that is definitely the 17-inch rim with a rotated design.

To Brock B39

3. Borbet XRT - Large rims

The Borbet XRT is a bestseller: an 18-inch double-spoke rim made of the finest aluminum. If you like shiny light alloy wheels, you should choose the reflectic variant, because a gloss coating in combination with the high gloss polishing ensures an extra glossy finish.

To the Borbet XRT

4. Diewe Wheels - Impatto

If you are looking for a classic, the Impatto is the best choice. And at 19 inches, they are definitely one of the slightly larger rims.

To the Diewe Impatto

5. Large rims - RFK GLS303

It's new, it's hot. We're talking about the GLS303 from RFK Wheels. The concave 20-inch rim is especially suitable for high-powered cars with large brake dimensions, as they are designed for a high load capacity. Perfect for the Audi Q3.

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6. Brock B32 - The SUV favorite

It can get even bigger: As a 21-inch model, the Brock B32 fits perfectly on large vehicles such as the Škoda Kodiaq or BMW X3.

To the Brock B32

7. ABT Sportsline GR - Large rims

These light alloy rims with a concave rim base are a real premium model. A real treat - not just on the Audi Q7.

To the ABT Sportsline GR

8. Large rims - Schmidt Revolution Eckstein

Big rims? It doesn't get any bigger!
The massive double-spoke rim measures 23 inches and is therefore intended for SUVs that prefer an extra beefy look. We find the lid with a central locking look particularly stylish.

On the Schmidtrevolution Eckstein

Too big rims - penalty?

You can find out how big your rims and tires can be in the vehicle registration document and vehicle registration document. For all other sizes, you should do your research beforehand. Make sure that your new rims have an ABE. Otherwise, an acceptance by the TÜV must first take place.

In this blog we have put together for you how exactly you can find out whether your tire size fits on the rims of your dreams: Which tires fit which rim? Then you can marvel at the good piece (almost) live and in color in our 3D rim configurator. There you can easily tick the filter ABE, ECE or parts certificate and thus limit the selection according to your wishes. Or you can take a look at the rim detail page with all the relevant information.

If you drive rims that are too large, you risk damaging your beloved car. Because in the worst case, the tires drag on the fenders. You are also putting your operating license at risk. Ergo: A hefty fine or even points in Flensburg.

Large rims - what should you watch out for?

Select large rims, check compatibility with the 3D rim configurator, order & drive off. That's it. The right tires are available in our shop. And here you can find the information article offset.

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