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Poll: These are the world's most respected fashion brands

A current analysis by the US data company RepTrak summarizes the hundred most respected brands in the world. Around 65,000 people from various countries were asked about their “willingness to buy from, recommend or trust a company”.

New to the top 100, which only includes companies with annual sales of at least two billion US dollars, include Burberry and Hermès. Chanel is in 33rd place, way ahead of Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss. Sporting goods manufacturer Nike has to admit defeat: Nike made it to 7th place. Rolex has moved further up the podium. The luxury watches now rank second instead of third.

Emotional value

RepTrak CEO Kylie Wright-Ford said "emotional" brands performed particularly well during the pandemic.

Ferrari has now taken third place. The Lego Group can call itself the most respected company this year. mz

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