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Drum genius

Drumgenius (created by a musician for musicians) is the first encyclopedia of real drum and percussion grooves (500 grooves) as played by the masters: a unique tool for any musician that wants to practice with an amazing expert virtual drummer, to develop time- feel and to expand the knowledge of any kind of rhythm, from the basic to the most complex one! The loops (stretchable) are accompanied by useful descriptions and discography references. The special "clave" button helps to go deep into the nature of different rhythms. DG full pack option (Infinite Credits) also includes Metrogenius: the useful clave-metronome, with editable cycles and "swing regulator"!


Download the app for FREE and use the PREVIEW FUNCTION for listening to all the loops before deciding to download them. You have at disposal three free loops to download from the list of 500 LOOPS TOTAL, so you can test the player functions and enjoy the practice with Drumgenius. Then, if you like it, on "Store" section, you can buy loops, having available three options: 10 Credits, 50 Credits and Infinite Credits. Each credit lets you download one loop at your choice from the complete list.
When you choose a loop that comes with the alternate version with Clave (C), both versions will be automatically downloaded and will result as one credit only. You can use 10 and 50 credits option only once. Infinite Credits option lets you download all the loops included in Drumgenius 3.0 and will also give you unlimited access to all the loops and new functions that will be added in future updates.


500 loops:
147 Jazz (from Traditional to Contemporary styles)
17 Jazz & Blues Shuffle
73 Afro-Cuban (traditional, contemporary and as played by jazz masters)
52 Brazilian (traditional, contemporary and as played by jazz masters)
21 Caribbean
65 odd time signatures
16 polymeters
58 World (Africa, India, Europe, Middle-East, South-America)
10 straight eighths
3 country
3 R&B
24 funky
5 hip-hop
12 pop
19 skirt
1 disco

✓Easy search function by word, style and BPM

✓Speed ​​Stretching Function (+/- 20%)

✓Pitch function

✓ Loops indicated with (C) include special Clave button on / off

✓ Favorites function

✓Delete (to free up memory) and re-download purchased loops at your will (for Infinite Credits full pack only)


Drum genius 3.0 full pack is 1,027 GB in size and works with Android 5.0 onwards

For any further information, leaving comments or suggestions please visit
Drumgenius on Facebook at www.facebook.com/drumgeniusjazzloops or visit web
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