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Using a meat thermometer: how does a meat thermometer work?

Sometimes it is not enough just to heat meat in the pan somehow: the exact temperature is crucial. This can be important for larger pieces of meat and preparation in the oven, but it can also be of interest if you want to cook through at low temperatures. A meat thermometer will help you cook the meat “to the point”. Tip: The best meat thermometers on Amazon

A meat thermometer is inserted with the tip into the middle of the roast or another larger piece of meat and measures the core temperature of the food there. So it helps to get the temperature right in the middle of the piece of meat. And this is important: even if the meat is crispy brown on the outside, it can still be cool and raw in the middle. The oven thermometer only determines the temperature in the oven - how warm the meat really is (especially in the core) is not displayed.

Low temperature cooking with a thermometer

If larger pieces of meat are cooked at lower temperatures for several hours, the meat is often particularly tender and mild. The unmistakable taste is popular, for example, with barbecue fans who want to achieve special notes in the smoker. But also sensitive pieces of meat such as roast beef are checked with the meat thermometer.

Oven with integrated thermometer; Photo: Neff

How does the meat thermometer work?

How do you measure the temperature in the center of a large piece of meat? Simply slicing is one solution, but the meat thermometer is more elegant. A longer pin on the thermometer serves as a probe. It is tucked into the gray, the seats should be approximately in the center of the meat. Because here at the top is the measuring probe, which is so important for determining the temperature.

Roast thermometer with digital display; Photo: Danish bed camp

Conventional meat thermometers are bimetal thermometers. The sensor is connected to the outside of the display by an axis in the mandrel. However, modern thermometers work with a temperature sensor. It generates an electrical signal and the temperature is displayed digitally. Conventional, mechanical meat thermometers are heat-resistant. As a result, they can get stuck in the meat all the time during cooking. So you control the core temperature continuously with this thermometer and do not even have to open the oven. Electronic thermometers are more precise and measure faster, but they are not heat-resistant. You have to stick this thermometer briefly into the meat and take it out again. Unless you have a wireless thermometer: Then you insert the probe into the meat and you can even leave the heat-resistant probe in the meat in the oven. the display is on the kitchen table or on the shelf outside the oven, it is not heat-resistant.

Meat thermometer can also be used for other foods

The core temperature is important for meat, because the proteins contained in meat only denature from a temperature of around 60 ° C. And this temperature must be maintained for a longer period of time. If the temperature is higher, the protein structure changes faster - but inside the large pieces of meat, the temperature usually rises only slowly.

Meat thermometers can also be used to bake bread

But you've probably baked a cake or bread before. The dough blanks are placed in the oven and must remain there for a longer period of time at temperatures above 150 ° C. Sometimes it happens that the pieces are already brown and nice and crispy on the outside, but the dough still runs out when sliced. Then there was not enough time to heat the dough to the core. You can also use a meat thermometer to monitor the core temperature of gratins, casseroles, cakes, bread and other food in the oven.

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