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HIV and many other sexually transmitted diseases are spreading enormously in the west and in the Christian part of Africa. It is also widely used in the Far East. How is it, however, that in Afghanistan or Sudan there is actually no such thing as HIV? How is it that the West, which considers itself so advanced and enlightened, cannot cope with sexually transmitted diseases and invests billions of euros every year in research and the fight against these diseases? Have Afghans invested a single euro in research into HIV? It is the way of life in the West, many are dishonorable, cheat and often change partners, find marriage old-fashioned, are unenlightened and misinformed about sexuality. In particular, they do not know how to protect their bodies and remain untouched until they are married. Instead, they use condoms and trust that condoms will protect them and keep them from making mistakes. But that doesn't work and people will continue to get sick.

The best protection against HIV is to be a good Muslim.

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