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math - Mathematical functions

Return if the values a other b are close to each other and otherwise.

Whether or not two values ​​are considered close is determined according to given absolute and relative tolerances.

rel_tol is the relative tolerance - it is the maximum allowed difference between a other b, relative to the larger absolute value of a or b. For example, to set a tolerance of 5%, pass. The default tolerance is, which assures that the two values ​​are the same within about 9 decimal digits. rel_tol must be greater than zero.

abs_tol is the minimum absolute tolerance - useful for comparisons near zero. abs_tol must be at least zero.

If no errors occur, the result will be:.

The IEEE 754 special values ​​of,, and will be handled according to IEEE rules. Specifically, is not considered close to any other value, including. and are only considered close to themselves.

So see

PEP 485 - A function for testing approximate equality