Who is t.i. eldest sons mother

Eilika of Schweinfurt


BERTHOLD, son of --- (-15 Jan 980). m ([970]) EILIKA [Eiliswintha or Eila] von Walbeck, daughter of LOTHAR [II] Graf von Walbeck [Nordmark] & his wife Mathilde von Arneburg (-19 Aug 1015). Markgraf Berthold & his wife had [three] children:

1. HEINRICH von Schweinfurt ([970/75] -18 Sep 1017, Bur Schweinfurt). m (before 1003) GERBERGA [von Hammerstein], daughter of HERIBERT Pfalzgraf Graf im Kinziggau & his wife Imiza --- ([975/80] -after 1036). Margrave Heinrich & his wife had [five] children:

a) OTTO von Schweinfurt (-28 Sep 1057, bur Schweinfurt). Graf an der lower Altmühl 1014. Margrave on the Nordgau 1024-1031. Graf at the lower Naab 1034. Graf at the upper Naab 1040. He succeeded in 1048 as OTTO Duke of Swabia.

b) EILIKA ([1000/05] -10 Dec after [1055/56]). m ([1020]) BERNHARD II Duke in Saxony, son of BERNHARD I Duke in Saxony [Billung] & his wife Hildegard von Stade (after 990-29 Jun 1059, bur Lüneburg St Michael).

c) JUDITH (-2 Aug 1058, bur [1061 or after] Prague St Veit). m [firstly] (after 1021) BŘETISLAW of Bohemia, illegitimate son of OLDRICH Duke of the Bohemians & his mistress --- (-Chrudim 10 Jan 1055, bur Prague St Veit). He succeeded in 1034 as BŘETISLAW I Duke of Bohemia. [m secondly ([1055]) as his second wife, PÉTER Orseolo King of Hungary, son of PIETRO OTTONE Orseolo Doge of Venice & his wife Maria [Grimelda] of Hungary ([Venice] [1010/15] - Székesfehérvár late 1046

d) BURKHARD (-18 Oct 1059). Chancellor of Emperor Konrad II. Bishop of Halberstadt 1036.]

e) HEINRICH (-after 1043).


3. EILIKA. She is named "amita" of Heinrich II King of Germany [1108]. Abbess of Niedernburg at Passau 1010.]




Eilika from SchweinfurtDuchess of Saxony ----------------------------

Eldest daughter of Margrave Heinrich in the Bavarian Nordgau and Gerberga von Henneberg, daughter of Count Otto II. In Grabfeld


  • Coat of Arms: town of Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany.
Gertrude of Saxony (also known as Gertrude Billung) (c. 1030 - August 4, 1113), was the daughter of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony and Eilika of Schweinfurt. She married Floris I, Count of Holland (c. 1017 - June 28, 1061) c. 1050, and upon his death, her son Dirk V became Count of Holland. Since he was still young, she became regent.

When Dirk V came into power, William I, Bishop of Utrecht, took advantage of the situation, occupying territory that he had claimed in Holland. Gertrude and her son withdrew to the islands of Frisia (Zeeland), leaving William to occupy the disputed lands.

In 1063 Gertrude married Robert of Flanders (Robert the Frisian), the second son of Baldwin V of Flanders. This act gave Dirk the Imperial Flanders as an appanage - including the islands of Frisia west of the Frisian Scheldt. She and her husband then acted as co-regents for the young count.

She had a total of seven children with Floris I.:

1. Albrecht (b. Approx. 1051), a canon in Liege. 2. Dirk V (approx. 1052, Vlaardingen – 17 June 1091). 3. Pieter (b. Approx. 1053), a canon in Liége. 4. Bertha (approx. 1055-1094, Montreuil-sur-Mer), who married Philip I of France in 1072. 5. Floris (b. Approx. 1055), a canon in Liége. 6. Machteld (b. Approx. 1057) 7. Adela (b. Approx. 1061), who married Count Baudouin I of Guînes.

From her second marriage to Robert I she had five children:

1. Robert II of Flanders (c. 1065 - October 5, 1111). 2. Adela (d.1115), who first married king Canute IV of Denmark, and was the mother of Charles the Good, later count of Flanders. She then married Roger Borsa, duke of Apulia. 3. Gertrude, who married Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine, and was the mother of Thierry of Alsace, also later count of Flanders. 4. Philip of Loo, whose illegitimate son William of Ypres was also a claimant to the county of Flanders. 5. Ogiva, abbess of Messines.

Bork Ruth: Pages 118-119

"The Billunger. With contributions to the history of the German-Wendish border area in the 10th and 11th centuries."

Bernhard won his two sons known to us, Ordulf and Hermann, from a marriage with the Duchess Eilika, a daughter of Margrave Heinrich von Schweinfurt [4 Annalista Saxo SS. VI, page 692 to 1059 and page 698 to 1071. There the name form " Eilica "used.], And the daughter, Gertrud, who was married to Holland (and Flanders), will probably also have emerged from this marriage.

We do not know when the marriage was concluded. We can only conclude from the fact that Ordulf married in 1042 that his birth and consequently his parents' marriage may have occurred around 1020 or a little earlier or later. In a contract between Bishop Eilbert von Minden and Duke Bernhard II, attributed to the years 1055/56, she is also mentioned as the wife of Bernhard when it says "Egilbertus Mindensis episcopus et dux Bernhardus in vera fide et caritate convenerunt et hujus conventus ductrix bona" Eiliki et Anno honorabilis clericus postea Coloniensis factus episcopus ". So she would not have died before 1055.

A specific year of death cannot be determined. As "Eila ducissa" it is under December 10th in the Necr. S. Me. Lun. [1 Wedekind Not. III, 94.], and as "Aille com." in the BILLUNGER table [2 Cf. above, page 98.]. The form of the name "Eila" is also attested for her grandmother [3 Thietmar V, 38 page 264 describes how Eila, the mother of Heinrich von Schweinfurt, obtained through requests that the Schweinfurt castle not completely destroyed by the warriors HEINRICH II was.], who was the wife of Margrave Berchtold.

It may be that connections between the two houses already existed at that time, but perhaps they were also established by this event (joint relief operation during the attack on Boleslaw von Poland in Merseburg.), So that the prerequisites for a later marriage between Heinrichs may already be established here Daughter and Bernhard's son paved the way.

Schneidmüller Bernd / Weinfurter Stefan: Page 130

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"Otto III. Heinrich II. A turning point?"

This reluctance can be explained by the alliance that the BILLUNGER duke had concluded with Boleslaw before HEINRICH II. The connection between BILLUNGER and HEINRICH II's opponents is still reflected in the marriage of Bernhard II with a daughter of Margrave Heinrich von Schweinfurt. a son of SCHWEINFURTER, Otto, married Mathilde in 1035, the youngest daughter of Boleslaws Chrobry, see Lübke (see note 9), no. 623.].

oo Bernhard II Duke of Saxony 985 / 90-29.6.1059


Ordulf Duke of Saxony 1022-28.3.1072 Hermann around 1025-31.5.1086 Gertrud around 1030 / 35-4.8.1115 1050 1st oo Florence I. Count of Holland -28.6.1061 1063 2nd oo Robert I the Frisian Count of Flanders -13.10.1093 Ida -31.7.1102


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Judith of Schweinfurt. 1058.

Leo, European Family Tables, Volume I, Frank Baron Freytag von Loringhoven, 1975, Isenburg, W. K. Prinz von, Reference: Page 8,10.
  • Date and place of birth: around 1000 Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany (Deutschland)
  • Deceased: June 29, 1059 (54-63) Schweinfurt, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany (Deutschland)
  • Daughter of Heinrich I. von Schweinfurt, Margrave in Nordgau and Gerberga of Gleiberg
  • Wife of Balderic; Bernhard II, duke of Saxony and Diepold I, Count of Count in Angstgau and Traungau, I
  • Mother of Hugh Fitz Baldric, Saxon Thane of Cowsby; Otto Billung, of Saxony; Gertrude of Saxony; Rapoto IV from Cham; Diepold II von Vohburg, Count in the Bavarian Nordgau; Poppo Count von Roggenstein and Berg; Ordulf (Otto) III, duke of Saxony; Hermann Prince of Saxony; Ida von Sachsen and Hadwig Billung
  • Sister of Judith von Schweinfurt; Maria (or Dorothea) of Schweinfurt; Heinrich I an der Pegnitz, Count an der Pegnitz; Burchard Von Schweinfurt, Halberstad; Liutana von Schweinfurt; N.N. von Berg-Schelklingen and Otto III, duke of Swabia