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Love means tenderness, security, constancy, deep affection and strength - love means life! Divided into three aspects of agape, philia and eros, love has a common denominator, namely the intense appreciation that we are able to muster for other people. We have prepared these love sayings & love quotes for you so that you can post them as Whatsapp status or Facebook status.

Love is the most divine feeling on earth, from love we draw our life force!
Whether we are thinking about our partner, lost in thought, enjoying the togetherness together, whether we tenderly embrace our child, or whether we visit our old parents - the motivation is always the same - just love ...

Love quotes for thought

Getting to know love is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

Experiencing love is one of the most beautiful pleasures in the world.

Keeping love is one of the most difficult tasks and the greatest success in the world.

Love moves rocks and makes the impossible possible.



If we don't love ourselves we are unable to love others.

Is our love strong enough Do we need to question their strengths?

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Love gives peace of mind, let's live in harmony with it.

Blind trust - unconditional love doesn't mean knowing what I'm ready to do for you.

Mostly love begins with song and dance and ends in tears.

Love is unique; To be completely myself next to you is the fulfillment of my dreams.

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The knowledge that you have found your kindred soul is the greatest fulfillment in life.

If you think that you can only share love with one person, you are standing in your own way.



Love brings peace of mind and security.

Love gives wings and pride, loved ones go through life with their heads held high.

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Having no kindred soul does not mean living without love, love is also in everyday things.

-The first love is not always the only true love.

Love means reaching our potential, not giving up.

Only the brave love, cowards are waiting to be loved.

Don't expect the sun to shine all the time, because darkness will come. Do not expect eternal life because death will come. Don't expect me to stop loving you because you persist!



Do your feet hurt? I believe you! You walk on my mind all day!

All my sorrows can be cured by one kiss from you!

Heartache quotes for WhatsApp status

Life without you is as empty as these text messages.

-When our friends ask you how we broke up, just say we laughed so they don't have to cry.

Top 100 love quotes for your WhatsApp status

It's hard to put my love into words - but is that even necessary? Don't you feel how much i love you

Before you talk about love, learn to walk through the snow without a trace, this is the only way you will not hurt anyone.

Love brings the brave to their knees - to see how they stand up again; She leaves the weaklings alone, they are always on their knees anyway.

An offended woman forgets in three phases: in the first phase she tries to hate you, in the second she forgives you, in the third she has forgiven you, but you died for her.

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Love rarely makes promises, but it is able to really give you everything.

... And so everything starts with a text message, you get to know each other, you can't get enough of each other, love the same food, the same books, films and music ... and then everything ends with a text message.

In the world there are no two identical days, no two identical people, no two identical events, and so also no two identical loves, because every love will be experienced anew.

I found them! And? How is she? Nice body? Pretty Woman? Nah, she has a heart and knows how to love!

Romantic love quotes

Life is good when you know how to live; take what you are given, happiness is short-lived, don't ask too much and you get it all.

Romantic quotes & sayings- love is ...

It is easier to be truly alone than to live believing that you are not alone.

You see love, you experience love, you feel love and yet you believe in lies.

When silence becomes a habit, it is hard to find words louder than silence.

I pray to God I don't get text messages because I definitely want to!

-It is not the strong who forgive, but those who are ready for change.

There is a lot of liberating calm in just living your life.

Rules in the relationship determine the side that loves less.

Knowing others is a sign of intelligence, knowing yourself is a sign of wisdom.

Not knowing a person and yet understanding them shows love.

How is your character?

I dont know. = you give up easily.

I can not. = you are lazy.

I would like to. = you dream too much.

I'll try it. = you are on the right path.

I did that. = you love!

If you hide inside yourself, only the one who really loves you will look for you.

A strong woman conquers the man she wants; a weak woman conquers the man she can.

I am ready to get married, but only to prove to the world that marriage can be happy.

Don't complain about little ailments, because love can bring you great pain.

Beautiful love sayings

There are only two ways to love - either love as if there were no miracles, or love as if there were no miracles.

Do you love for beauty - passion

Do you love for money - greed

Do you love for no reason - true love

-I am waiting for you to understand that we are made for each other!

I'm looking for a man who doesn't mourn his ex, because I don't have the strength to comfort both of us.

Do you want to love me or just look at me? Please let me know so that I don't turn my heart on for nothing!

We have no reason to talk, we can kiss right away.

-It takes a long time before you can understand that you can actually be grateful for a closed door.

The biggest waste of time is showing yourself in strong colors for someone who is color blind.

If love ruled the world, all laws would be superfluous.

Whoever believes in love also creates love.

You always hold love with open hands, so it can come and go freely - which it would do anyway - if you try to close your hands, you hold yourself captive.

-Love only does the impossible to make it possible.

-If you could switch off love like the light temporarily so that it doesn't burn for no reason, it would last longer.

I feel your love in discreet silence, inaudible, incomprehensible - somewhere behind my shadow, that is much more than all our senses can give us!

Who but God can know what love between two people means?

Happiness doesn't always mean love, but love always means happiness.

They say the world belongs to the early risers, but the world belongs to the lovers.

In the end, we don't remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

When love knocks on your door, let them in and offer them a place.

In love, the man has two choices, either to be right or to be happy.

There is no little happiness in the world, no little sickness, no little theft, no little secret and no little love.

If Cupid's arrow hits me, I'll probably die of blood poisoning.

Anything we can learn from books except the art of hoping, believing, and loving.

I actually have nothing more to say, except that you are still the most beautiful medal from the war in which my heart was amputated.

Love asks death: Why do everyone love me and do everyone fear you? Death answers: Because you are the lie and I am the truth.

Love is the only door you can open when you take a humble step back.

Whatsapp status love sayings

My guardian angel got into bad company.

Why is it so hard, I'm sorry, and I love you, to say?

-The first kiss is quickly forgotten. The first sex was far too short, we grew up too quickly, we were in love too short - and we will never have enough time to realize that we actually had time.

There are good and bad times for love, the good times pass - we are sorry, the bad times pass too - why is that no consolation for us?

If you stand in front of love, be its protection; not their shadow.

If you stand behind love, be its support; do not use it as a hiding place.

If you stand next to love, don't compare yourself to it, but embrace it.

Love teaches us to distinguish important from unimportant.

I laugh tears because when I stop laughing, all I have left is tears.

Love is always good, the question is only for whom and when.

All of our wisdom falls into the water when we are in love.

Luck gives us love, but misfortune puts it to the test.

Love is the strongest and most humble force in the world.

Best Whatsapp status: love is like a ladder, unfortunately you have to take your hands out of your pockets to climb up.

Love gives us exactly what we can carry, sometimes I feel like a packhorse.

Better to lose your pride because of love than to lose love because of your pride.

The most important thing in life is to have someone you can tell about your day in the evening.

Sometimes life just gives you something to show you that you don't really need it.

I want a relationship that people would say, oh, are you still together?

My thoughts keep bringing me back to where my heart is.

The first step in love is always the most difficult, it is called a decision.

How do people sacrifice themselves for their love these days? You delete your Facebook profile.

Next to me I fall asleep, next to me I wake up, alone I make my bed for myself, alone I make my coffee ... I am the person of my life!

If appearance isn't that important, why don't I have a girlfriend?

If a man dreams of a woman, she is naked. If a woman dreams of a man, he is always well dressed.

A clever woman chooses a long time, a stupid woman marries the next man.

The most beautiful darkness is the one you see when you kiss with your eyes closed.

I got married out of interest, I wanted to know how strong my nerves are.

Love has never disappointed us, but rather the people we have loved.

Some words have arms and hug stronger than some people.

Some love stories don't even have to be told to the end.

Good morning lovesick! Are you awake too?

Don't ask questions if you can't stand the answer.

If you ever want to leave me, leave me out in the rain so I don't shed tears alone.

The greatest happiness in life is when you can see your reflection in your partner's eyes.

Sad love sayings

Sometimes you have to go away to see who will follow you.

Sometimes you have to talk a lot to see who is listening to you.

You can find more Sad Sayings on WhatsApp Status Sad Sayings.

Sometimes you have to fight to see who is on your side.

Sometimes you have to make wrong decisions to see who will fix them again.

Sometimes you have to let your love go to see that it's strong enough to come back again.

Someone who really loves you will never give up on you.

They say: happiness is in beauty and wealth, but nobody knows that I have you and that I am happy with you alone.

My heart suffers because I still sincerely love you.

Thank you for being so good to me and for bearing all my quirks, thank you for all the beautiful and good in our relationship and please never ask me if I love you.

I often wish for a life without end so that I can love you forever.

If life ever builds a wall between us, let's steal the bricks together.

Is there love, so I love you, is there wishes so I desire you, if all of this is a lie, then let's keep lying.

For you I would do anything and risk everything because I love you.

-I prefer to share loneliness with you!

Learn to love and forgive, do not cheat the person you love, every affair will cost you dearly and at some point fate will give you a bill.

When love dies, so do our dreams.

The lights have long been out where I waited for you a long time ago. All that's left is sadness, so don't wonder how I feel when you see the memories overwhelm me.

Don't ask about me and my pain because everyone will tell you the same thing: they still love you ...

In my mind you will only be the dust of bygone times, in my heart a faded memory, in my life someone who just couldn't deal with me.

I don't believe in yours anymore I'm sorry and, no, we are not both to blame!

I never thought that loneliness can hurt so much and that silence can hurt so much when the heart is grieving!

It's hard to hate someone who has been given your heart. It's hard to take the next step once you've stopped. It's hard to walk past someone who once meant a lot to you, and it's hard to still love and say no.

God gave us love, but he didn't know that it could hurt too.

It's not hard to love, it's hard to be loved.

I wish to be able to run endlessly; when I turn around, I don't want to remember anything and forget everything. To make a fresh start, to know where I made a mistake and how it should have been, to speak my thoughts out loud and also to know when it is better to be silent ... Because so far I have remembered the right words, When it was too late and I knew the answers when I was alone.

I fell in love with your heart, not the way you look.

Open the door of your heart to me and never let me out again.

Love is a secret that rarely anyone really knows.

Meeting you is my greatest coincidence.

Are you breaking my heart expecting me to keep loving you? Excuse me with what?

What is behind the tears, what is behind the dreams, what is behind the last words?

An old lie and nothing new ... You can betray me again and again.

Love is like the game of chess, you fight like a hunter, you marry like a king and you live like a horse.

Everyone says: listen to your heart! Unfortunately, I don't know what tum, tum, tum means.

When you get to know someone as gorgeous as you are, you may not be able to be with you for a lifetime, but you can be remembered for a lifetime.

You are a wonderful woman, have great eyes, great lips, a beautiful face and a heart that I could love for the rest of my life.

Women dictate the direction in life, sometimes passively, but they dictate.

Never look for a perfect being that you are ready to love, just love and make this being perfect with your love.

Love is when you try hard that the relationship lasts for a long time.

You can also just tell me that you have enough time to call me, but that you have no wish to do so.

I know how to love, how to understand, how to forgive ... But I also know how to turn around and leave it all behind.

It hurts a lot when you hold someone in your heart and in your mind but not with your hands.

When our eyes meet, I look away so you don't see how much my eyes love you.

Love so that it leaves no memories, grieve without pain and be brave when your love is not returned.

I wander aimlessly through the lonely streets of this lifeless city and have only one wish to meet you by chance right now.

You might be wondering if I tremble in front of you and want to run away from your gaze, I'm scared of falling in love with you.

Do you want to be my mother's son-in-law?

Should you ever miss me then remember that I did not leave you, you let me go.

I see you even though you are not there and I hear you even though you do not speak, when I close my tired eyes I kiss you.

Take care of me! Hide me in your heart and save me for the bad days, you will not regret it, because sometimes a dry piece of bread also satisfies hunger.

The best moment in my life was when I met you. The perfect seam of imperfection, a smile that knocks you out of your socks and a hug that puts all the broken pieces back together.

When I see you, my day is more beautiful, when I dream about you, my sleep is better, when I wake up with you, my morning smells of happiness, when I'm with you, I don't think about the next day.

Trying to remember the way, you may want to come back one day!

-Dear customer, the tone you just heard does not mean that you have received a text message, but that someone is thinking of you intensely.

Be on the lookout for a woman who gave you her soul and won it back, she came out of the fight twice as strong, stronger than you and stronger than herself.

Goethe wrote one of the most apt quotes on the subject of love:

Exulting heavenly, sad to death, happy alone is the soul that loves.

This is how people feel who love ...

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