How can I guess matka number

How can I convert an int number from decimal to binary?

Your question is a little unclear, but I'll do my best to try to make sense of it.

How can I have some other integer the binary representation of x like:?

From this it looks like you want to write a binary literal into your source code. Java does not support binary integer literals. It only supports decimal, hexadecimal and octal.

You can write your number as a string instead and use it with the radix you want:

But you should note that the final result of writing is the same. The integer, written as a decimal literal in the source code, is identical in all respects to one parsed from the binary string "1010". There is no difference in their internal representation when they are both stored as.

If you want to convert an existing integer to its binary representation as a string, then you can use it as others have already pointed out.