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How to activate Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac

Summary: Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac is the only application in the world that performs Mac data recovery from storage media, analyzes boot disk drive, clones Macintosh HD, and performs corrupted video and photo repair.

When you download Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac for free, you get the following benefits:

  1. DIY data recovery tool
  2. File preview
  3. SMART drive monitoring
  4. Video repair
  5. Photo repair

To activate Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1)Start Stellar Data Recovery Premium on your Mac, MacBook, iMac or Mac mini

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac home screen

Step 2) Click the button activation in the upper area of ​​the software.

Click the activation icon

Step 3) A window is opening "activation". Enter the activation key in the “Enter activation key to activate the product” text box.

Click Get it Now if you don't have an activation key.

However, if you do not have an activation key, click the "Download Now" button and register the software online. As soon as the order is confirmed, you will receive your activation key in the email that you entered when you registered the software.

Step 4) After you have entered the activation key, click on Activate.

Enter the activation key and press the activation key.

Click OK in the “Stellar Data Recovery Enabled Successfully” message box.

Activated successfully


The software activates and activates the Restore button for data recovery. Now when you click Restore, the software will open the Restore dialog box. You need to select the destination and click Save to save your recoverable data. In addition, you can use the drive monitoring functions of Stellar Drive Monitor on your Mac's internal SSD or hard drive. Nonetheless, the full version of Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac 2 gives you more additional tools - Stellar Repair for Video and Stellar Repair for Photos. With these repair tools, you can add damaged photos or video files with various extensions and fix them accordingly.

Recommended: You need an active internet connection to register Mac Data Recovery Premium application. Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Mac will automatically connect to the licensed server to verify the user input key once you click Activate. If the input key is valid, the software will successfully complete the activation / registration process.

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