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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Eveline (jap. エ ヴ リ ン), also Evie called, was the main antagonist in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. She was a genetically modified human being produced by an unknown manufacturer as the next generation of bioweapons to eliminate opponents without direct contact.

In the embryonic stage, her genome was fused with an abnormal fungal bacterium, giving her the ability to control the minds of people who came into contact with the fungus. Eveline was unique in being both the first E-Type bioweapon, the so-called E-0001, and her unhealthy obsession to create a family.

Biography Edit source]

Origin [edit | Edit source]

The project was initiated by the NEXBAS initiative (Next-Generation Experimental Battlefield Superiority) and supported by the technical assistance of the H.C.F. (Hive-Host Capture Force) supported. There is evidence of Tentsu's involvement.

Eveline was born in 2014 and then aged artificially to appear as a ten-year-old girl. It should be used for infiltration. Despite its revolutionary origins, she had to be injected regularly with a special serum that kept her strength and mental health under control. If she did not get this serum, the bacterium in her body accelerated aging and corrupted her mind.

Their creation was controversial, not for ethical reasons, but for economic reasons, as their mind-control ability rendered conventional weapons useless. Interest groups like the Umbrella Corporation were determined to track down Eveline and kill her.

Transport [edit | Edit source]

In October 2014, the decision was made to hide her. Agents Mia Winters and Alan were supposed to discreetly take Eveline to a laboratory in Central America on a cargo ship. Eveline quickly got used to Mia and referred to her as "Mami" like previous caregivers. The difference, however, was that Mia and Alan assumed the identities of Eveline's parents in order not to arouse suspicion.

On October 5, 2014, the ship was attacked by a group of mercenaries while a hurricane was approaching. Eveline got out of hand during the attack, infected Alan and ran away. She hid on the ship and started vomiting an excessive amount of fungus. Eveline turned against the crew, who were either killed or transformed. She later hastened Alan's consumption through the mold, as a punishment for calling her "the little bitch," and infected Mia as well, hoping to keep her alive under her control. When the cargo ship exploded, they both fell in the Gulf of Mexico.

On October 10, 2014, Eveline and Mia were rescued by the Baker family after the storm subsided. Since Mia was passed out, the Bakers had no idea what danger Eveline was and took her in. Eveline got Lucas and Zoe's old bedroom. Zoe should get her new clothes. But Eveline disappeared again, first infected Marguerite and then Jack, who incited them against their children. It was a few more weeks before she got the family under her control, even though the Bakers retained a deeply rooted skepticism about Eveline, even though they had lost knowledge of it.

Dulvey incident Edit source]

For the next three years, Eveline hired Lucas to abduct the homeless and tourists in the hopes of adding them to her new family. Even though Lucas was immune to her control by serum from Eveline's creators, he nonetheless maintained appearances. Meanwhile, Jack and Marguerite were completely under their control, killing most of the abductees because they were unable to become part of their family. Eveline's obsession with a family led the Bakers to kidnap more people in 2016, which garnered national attention. In the second half of the year, Eveline's aging process accelerated twenty-five times. At the beginning of 2017, she had taken on the appearance of an eighty-year-old woman and was confined to a wheelchair.

Resident Evil 7 Edit source]

Arrival of Ethan Winters Edit source]

In the middle of 2017, Eveline's interest in Mia grew and she got her to contact her husband Ethan in the hope of making him another father figure. However, when he freed Mia and brought her to the Bakers' guest house, Eveline ordered his murder as he had tried to destroy her family. That night, Ethan was duly introduced to the family, including Eveline, at dinner. In her wheelchair she slowly chased Ethan, occasionally causing hallucinations like the sound of childish laughter. Another hallucination occurred to Ethan as he removed the arm of a D-type bioweapon. Later, Ethan has to decide who will get the serum made from the arm.

Mia's fate Edit source]

After Mia receives the serum from Ethan, Zoe reluctantly stays behind and angrily says goodbye to them. When both wanted to escape by boat, they reached the ship that Mia and Eveline had brought here. They were attacked by the mutated Eveline, who tried to stop them and brought Ethan inside the ship, where the infraction originated. Mia chased him and met Eveline, who reminded them of their past together. Mia managed to save Ethan, but Eveline tried to gain control of her so she could kill Ethan. Because of the serum, Mia was able to withstand Eveline's influence long enough for Ethan to escape. Before they parted ways, Mia gave him a vial of Eveline's DNA that she could destroy.

Zoe's fate Edit source]

When Zoe receives the serum from Ethan, it leaves Mia deeply injured, even though he promised to send her help. When both wanted to escape by boat, they reached the ship that Eveline had brought here. It is revealed that Mia arrived with Eveline three years ago. The latter was responsible for infecting the Baker family. They were attacked by the mutant Eveline who tried to stop them. Zoe is killed by her and Ethan is brought inside the ship, where the infraction originated. Mia chased him and met Eveline, who reminded them of their past together. Mia managed to save Ethan, but Eveline tried to gain control of her so she could take Ethan off. Ethan was forced to kill Mia, but she gave him a vial of Eveline's DNA beforehand.

Defeat [edit | Edit source]

Ethane ends up at a salt mine where he uses a machine left by members of the NEXBAS initiative to make an e-necrotoxin from Eveline's DNA. This in turn leads Ethan to the guest house, where he experiences increasingly intense hallucinations, because Eveline concentrated all of her power on him. Although she lets Ethan experience a vision in which Mia aimed a chainsaw at him, he managed to reach the attic of the guest house, where he found the real Eveline. When he infected her with the e-necrotoxin, her mind control skills waned and Ethan could see her in her aged form, an old woman in a wheelchair. In this guise, she had mysteriously followed Ethan during his stay.

Eveline started crying, complaining that everyone hated her and screaming how much it hurt. Her body dissolved into a black liquid and merged with the fungus around the house, turning her into a formidable creature that loomed over the guest house. Her battle with Ethan was brief due to the involvement of an umbrella unit who gave Ethan an anti-B.O.W weapon. After the first severe damage, Eveline's body died, hardened and broke.

Boss fight Edit source]

In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Eveline is designed as a multi-level boss.

  • The first phase of the fight begins in the guest house, where Eveline is threatened by ethane with the e-necrotoxin. She is in the attic and releases her powers when he arrives. These damage the player and throw him back. The phase ends as soon as the player is close enough to inject her with the e-necrotoxin.
  • In the second phase, the player is confined to the attic. Eveline transformed into a huge mutated face that has merged into the attic and consumes this room more and more. All that remains for the player to do is deal enough damage before it reaches the end. If this goal is not achieved or if the player comes too close to the face, the fight is lost. If the player is successful, Ethan is thrown out of the attic and the fight continues after a cutscene.
  • In the third and final phase of the fight, Ethan lies motionless on the ground and the player must shoot Eveline, who is now looming over him. As long as the player does damage between each event, he will not die. Then an Albert-01 is dropped for Ethan, who the player uses. After a few hits, Eveline is defeated and the game is over.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Eveline's personality was that of a troubled young girl who was misguided in finding a family. This could either be due to the embossing protocol as an infiltration unit, or the search for love, which she had never experienced as a test subject and a life in quarantine. She could be violent and vengeful. Eveline was willing to do anything to create her own family, including kidnapping, abusing and killing people.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

Eveline is a unique and particularly powerful B.O.W., who developed psychic powers as a medium through a symbiotic connection with a genetically modified fungus. She was able to produce a fungus in her body that allowed her to control other people's minds. This led to the emergence of a superorganism, simply called mold, which Eveline was able to control and merge with. Once the level of contamination was high enough, her mind and that of her victim became linked through biological and chemical processes, giving her absolute power over body and spirit. In her childish form, Eveline was able to send out mental shock waves that threw Ethan back, but she did so during a hallucination.

Strengths [edit | Edit source]

  • telepathy: Eveline can both control her victims and create hallucinations in their heads, but this requires a previous infection with the mold. Control is stronger when the host is compatible, if not, it dies and returns as a zombie-like creature named Mold. Those who bond with the mushroom possess superhuman strength and regeneration. This psychological connection allowed Eveline to rule the Baker family, leading them to seek new victims and defend them against attackers.
  • telekinesis: In addition to telepathy, Eveline was able to use a type of telekinesis through the mushroom. During her encounter with Mia on board the sunken ship or her final confrontation with Ethan. The latter example seems questionable, however, as it might as well have been telepathy, with the mushroom simulating the physical effects of a telekinetic force.
  • Teleportation: Eveline also seems to be able to teleport. When she arrived at Bakers' house, when she woke up in the presence of Zoe, she suddenly disappeared from the room, leaving the imprint of her body in the bed.
  • Electrokinesis: It is also suggested that the fungus gives you some influence via electricity. So she could cause a power outage at the Baker property.
  • mutation: Eveline's last and most devastating power is the transformation into a gigantic monster with the appearance of a tentacle consisting of mushroom tissue. In this form it is enormously stronger and more resistant, because despite its human-like face, which was located in the middle of the mushroom, it was able to withstand any conventional attack.

There is no evidence that Eveline's creator intended this development. The scattered notes on the E-Series merely suggest that it can control minds and create mushroom-like monsters.

This development was not limited to Eveline, but also to the Baker family. Individual members developed completely unforeseen mutations that gave them unique abilities. These forces were all based on the fungus in their bodies, which were stronger or weaker depending on the amount.

Weaknesses Edit source]

Despite her enormous strength, Eveline also had a weakness. She had to be injected regularly with a serum that kept her strength and mind under control. It also inhibited the aging process. Without these injections, Eveline went mad, aged rapidly, and lost control of the fungus. The only thing that could kill them was a special weapon with a stronger dose of the e-necrotoxin provided by a man named Redfield.

Notes [edit | Edit source]

Eveline shares some similarities with a key F.E.A.R. Computer game series, Alma Wade.

  • They both appear to be innocent brunette girls when in reality they were much more dangerous. Alma was a psychologically gifted ghost girl and Eveline was the prototype of a bio-weapon.
  • Both possessed the ability of telepathy and telekinesis. They could both manipulate people's minds.
  • Both had dangerous and insane personalities, but they were ultimately tragic characters.