What is the CF slot on ps3

Data backup program


You cannot use the backup program to back up the trophy information. If you want to save trophy information, it is recommended that you create a Sony Entertainment Network account and save the information on the server. If you have trophy information on PSNSM-Server back up, choose (PlayStation ™ Network)> (Trophy Collection), press the Button, and then select [Sync with Server] from the Options menu.


  • Data can be saved on a Memory Stick ™, an SD memory card, a CompactFlash® data carrier and on USB mass storage devices. Some models of the PS3 ™ system require a suitable USB adapter (not supplied) to use media. Disc media such as B. CD-Rs are not suitable.
  • A USB hard drive can also be used as a data carrier for backup data. If such a hard drive is connected, it will appear under the symbol . Note that the hard drive must be formatted with the FAT32 file system in order for it to be recognized by the PS3 ™ system.
  • Backed up data is saved in the [PS3] - [EXPORT] - [BACKUP] folder. The folders are created automatically.
  • If you change the folder or file name of backed up data, the data may not be recoverable.
  • If you do any of the following after backing up, copyright-protected video files in the backup data may not be restored correctly.
  • - Formatting the system memory
  • - Restoring the PS3 ™ system
  • - Move videos with copyright protection coding
  • - Download videos with copyright protection coding
  • - Play video for the first time with copyright protection coding and time restriction
  • If you back up data on one PS3 ™ system and then use the File Transfer Utility to transfer the data to another PS3 ™ system, copy-protected saved data contained in the backup data cannot be restored to any system.
  • Some types of backed up data can be restored to another PS3 ™ system. The following types of data can be restored to another system:
  • - Saved data from PlayStation®3 format software * 1
  • - Save data for mini-games ("minis")
  • - Save data for PSP ™ Game (PSP ™ games) software
  • - image files under (Photo)
  • - Music files under (Music) * 2
  • - Video files under (Video) * 2
  • - Under Bookmarks added to (Internet browser)
  • - Over (Settings)> (System settings)> [Add / edit term] added terms or selection options for predictive text that were saved with the on-screen keyboard
  • *1  Copy-protected data cannot be restored. Also, restored save data may not be usable in all games.
    *2  Does not apply to data encoded with copyright protection.
  • It is possible that the system cannot be properly backed up or restored using the data backup program. It is a good idea to always copy or move important data to a data carrier in order to create a separate backup copy.