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Like "American Pie 2" - just completely different

Back home during the semester break, realizing that nothing is like it used to be and you can't warm up an old love, and then drown your grief with a lot of alcohol at a big house party - somehow the plot of "Nowhere" reminds you of them First sequel to the teen film "American Pie", in which Jim, Oz, Stifler and Co. return home after their first year of college.

However, the feature film debut is from the director Matthias Start clear less wacky, dirty and American. But it scores with real characters and real problems.

(Not) a plan of life

After graduating from high school, Danny wanted (Ludwig Trepte) just get out at first. Out of the village and into big city life. And Business administration to study. Well, at least that's how Papa wanted it. And that's not as fruitless as his great passion, photography. When his father suddenly dies, Danny comes back to his homeland for the first time in his mid-twenties.

And there he meets his old friends: his almost sister Kirsten (Amelie Kiefer), who is now a nurse, still likes to medicine would study but is now pregnant. To his childhood sweetheart Susu (Saskia Rosendahl) that Danny never really forgot and cannot imagine a future together with any other man. And in the long run the couple "Tom and Mischa", who are still together, but also have to survive a crisis: Is Tom good enough for Mischa with his secondary school leaving certificate (Jella Haase) who strives for something higher, but mind you can't get your ass up right?

26 is the new 16

"Coming-of-age movie" - that horribly old-fashioned expression comes to mind in this plot. Especially when you get to the scene that says: "26 is the new 16". But don't panic! In contrast to some well-intentioned articles about Generation Y, in which bone-dry experts stand in front of us with their forefingers raised and want to give clever tips, "Nowhere" tells the attitude towards life of a generation of great young actors whom you buy from them have already lived through or are still living through all of this.

The film takes 105 minutes to fetch the viewer with calm but powerful images and take them on a journey. A journey to your own self - regardless of whether you are already living somewhere or nowhere.

Conclusion: Maybe not a classic popcorn cinema, but definitely a welcome and entertaining change!

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Drama, Germany 2016

Director: Matthias Starte

Actors include: Ludwig Trepte, Saskia Rosendahl, Jella Haase

Distribution: polyband Medien GmbH

Theatrical release: October 27, 2016

More at www.nirgendwo-derfilm.de