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Dear fellow travelers on mother earth,

The title is about a very important text, namely that a lot of men are now catching up in their spiritual development. But first to the energetic event, which I am only describing at first, I will then post the pictures later.

Last night from about 1.30 a.m. the recording curves failed and a thrust of incoming protons at about 600 km / sec was recorded by chance during the three-day curves. It is not known what other bursts of energy came to earth during the pause in recording, but it did lead to a red bar in the general KP index, but not in the USA; where until this morning, there is then after 12 o'clock at night there was a red bar, and then today from 12 to 15 after UTC. See here under the link:

KP VALUES Show how heavily the earth's magnetic field is loaded!



In this ascension event, significantly more women were usually involved, which was also very much noticed at spiritual events. I was all the more happy when I read this text. I have often mediated for this because it is difficult for us spiritually awakening women to live with a man who does not want to know anything about any of this. Finally the time has come that some of the older male beings of light are allowed to catch up and will awaken. For this I thank everyone who is involved, which gives many women the hope of still finding a partner, what a great gift, in love from Charlotte


The next few months stand for the men on this earth plane who have chosen the spiritual plane, a period of unprecedented and rapid soul shifts in order to raise their consciousness, to remember their earlier, eternal memories of spiritual wisdom and healing powers, them are touched by a universal grace.

Much, much is about to change as a new wave of male spiritual pioneers claim their roles as guardians and protectors of the planet. At the center of her desire for a new way of life and purpose is a very deep, very ancient devotion to the goddess.

There are men who are called leaders of a healing movement. This movement is created by men who want a life with deeper meaning, harmony with the inner truth, creative and regenerative solutions to challenges. Confidence to listen more to your heart versus your head and use logical strategy appropriately with loving, compassionate wisdom.

Many male lightworkers are in enormous, tectonic movements in their energy fields. This will realign them with sacred purpose and a higher plan of action. It will kindle the long-forgotten fire of longing for deeper meaning and fulfillment in their hearts.

The universe begins to show them their way back. You will find reflections of a path, a route to an end, a torchlight in the dark. Significant markers are placed along the way. These signs are given to show these men that they are not alone; that there is a plan for their life that transcends the limited perceptions of their minds; that miracles exist; that the divine feminine vessel has prepared space for eons for them to do this transition, to transform into their authentic life. These men do not want to be cut off from their hearts and intuitive voices. They are creating new ways to mix the two elements of the masculine vibration - head and heart - so that the earth will trust them again with its heart. These men are deeply sensitive to energy and must acknowledge this truth. All of these men will need friends and partners who are confident, conscious, heart-awakened, and intuitively intelligent. These men must be surrounded by champions of the sacred feminine codes. A whole new collective of awakening male souls is emerging.

With awakening comes chaos because the spiritual coma causes laziness, procrastination, rejection, addictions, addiction, relationship toxicity and all other forms of ego control that would suppress true sacred male power. When these men live in a spiritual coma or in denial of their true selves, these men live too comfortably and wobbly if they stick to the known, secure, and predictable.

You may never take the risk of breaking old male ancestral behavior. Then, when they get along in this life, their higher selves create their spiritual awakening. The chaos immediately leads to awakening codes that flood them.

The chaos in the 3-D realm is common; Life changes, breakups in relationships, breakdown on an internal, emotional and mental level. Life suddenly demands that you move on to a new level of action, awareness and growth ′ ′.

The old patterns immediately seem violent, suffocating, unbearable to resist. Change is inevitable, as is rapid growth and increased demands for ascension along the way. These men are all contacted by higher beings and ascended masters because they need this spiritual support and energy transformation.

LINK: 2ettSrenp3o.dns iMaräocrashrlzea um ech23dggu: 22


.THAT is important now: "Heal pain body" 🔥👑 With CHANNELING Archangel Metatron

Pleiades 1 news March 24, 2021

P1 calls Terrans to identify the origin!

Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Implants - have been severed.

Terrans have been called to their inner higher authority.

Regeneration codes announced on several levels. * Neva +++ Eleven.

New harvest standards have been set.

Mystifiers and mystifieds were separated.

The divine arts expand + Revealing Movements +++ Eleven. ProjSustEleven: 25% (not regressive).

P1 +++ Sint Eleven Terrans >>>> 77% (not regressive).

Port 112 visualizations completed.

Hermetic synchronizations started: 49% (not regressive).

Hermetic reverberations in progress: 49% (not regressive).

Transfers to * Khalthart have been approved. 1st wave: 69% (not regressive).

Desolate people are disturbed.

Devastators are reborn.

Special projectors for * MFDEleven +++ directed and reverberating: 79% (not regressive).

Temporarily, end of broadcast.


* Article in glossary____________________________________

P1 or Pleiades 1 are not a Pleiadian group from the Pleiadians. Even if we are all ONE, as already said, we would like to explain this here for a better understanding.

P1 or Pleiades1 are entities of the 17th dimension and not Pleiadians as some people might think.

You come from the seventeenth dimension through a portal in the star system of the Pleiades, one of the myriad interdimensional portals that exist there.

This group of this spherical consciousness entered through the portal of the number 1 that exists there at the Pleiades. Therefore we say: Pleiades 1 = Consciousnesses who entered through portal 1, the Pleiades.

There is a need to refrain from rationalizing the information in order not to get mentally stressed, because only if you are mentally calm will you decipher the message. Most of the information is encrypted and addressed to awakened ones on the surface and in the subtle planes. When you are centered on your heart you will be able to understand the energy of the NOT messages. Even if the rational / linear mind cannot understand the meaning of some of the terms used (which are exemplified in the glossary), you will be able to understand the energy on the higher level.

Source: https://www.disclosurenews.it/pleiades-1-messages/


Understanding with the mind helps! | CATHERINES LOOK # 210

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Rapid energy surges of up to 1140 km / sec generate plasma when it enters the earth's atmosphere, which has happened since the equinox.


Our heart shows us the truth and the way, if we see and understand it, we are fine


A big plasma wave reached earth yesterday and has been accelerating everything here ever since !!!


Crossing the cosmic rift from March 19th to March 21st and a new beginning in many areas, especially in relational terms


On portal day and the equinox, the "New Earth" started the next step, triggered by a violent geomagnetic storm


Most important news from the Pleiades1 today: trauma has been healed. What a great grace


The elevation of the biological physical creation is strengthened and more visible every day


Today portal day and the incoming energies are vibrating higher than ever before


Highly vibrating plasmatic energy transmissions and reprogramming continue


The NEW EARTH Matrix is ​​now accessible to the Ascended


Pleiades1 news: Gaia is 100% ready, The ascent for the physical plane is done


Yesterday and today geomagnetic storm in college in support of the new moon changes


Portal day, March 12, 21, the joyful news of the Pleiadians: "The Divine Flame has been rekindled."


Pleiades 1 news of 3/10/21: Matrix is ​​uncontrolled. Time for an imminent fall.


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