Akamaru and Hinata Lemon Fanfiction where Naruto

Moin Moin dear readers,
Since I had a lot of fun writing the first story and I still have some ideas;), I decided to continue the story. Of course, I am happy about every review.
That said, enjoy reading now.
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Neji was still looking after Hinata, puzzled. He couldn't see her anymore, but he hoped that she would come back and explain everything. What did Naruto mean when Hinata was fantastic earlier. Neji knew that they were together, but he couldn't figure out what he meant by that. Had she massaged him? Brooding, he began to pace up and down again. He's at the last moment he overheard Hiashi snorting angrily and retreating into his tent.
Hinata slowly slowed her pace. After she had told her father and Neji what her lover had said to her, she just had to leave. Neji might figure out what Naruto meant by that, but her father knew for sure. 'What am I doing now? My father knows that I am no longer a virgin. Maybe I should ... she thought when Temari spoke to her.
"Hey Hinata! Are you going to your unit right now? "
The Hyuga looked up to see a happy Temari approaching. The two have become reasonably good friends after the Suna-Konoichi was in Konoha more and more often. Everyone in the village knew that she was with Shikamaru.
"Hey, didn't you hear me?" The blonde woman was now standing right next to her. Hinata shook her head briefly, still thinking about her father.
"Mhhh no matter, let's go a bit." They slowly walked to the edge of the crowd where they had a little peace to talk.
"I didn't mean to say it in bulk, but you look different than usual."
"What do you mean?" Hinata asked her amazed.
“Well, you look happier. And a little more mature. ”She began to grin cheekily before continuing. "You are no longer a virgin!"
Hinata couldn't believe what she had heard. 'How the hell does she know? ‘She asked herself. She felt her face flushing with shame and turned her head to the side so Temari couldn't see this.
"How ... what do you mean?"
"Hihi. Actually it was just a suspicion, but now you've confirmed it to me. "
The Hyuga looked at her with wide eyes. She wanted to say something, but couldn't get it because Temari got her first.
“You slept with Naruto, didn't you? You can see it in your posture. You just look satisfied. Just like me back then. "
"So you and Shikamaru already have ..."
"Yes. But don't worry, I won't tell anyone. But now tell me, are you with him then? "
"Yes, I'm with Naruto."
"Man, I'm happy for you. You've caught a great guy. The 'Hero of Konoha'. ”She stressed the last words very strongly because she knew how much Naruto hated that term.
“Well, I have to go on. It was nice to see you again Hinata. See you !! ”With that, the Suna-Konoichi said goodbye and left a perplexed Hinata behind.
"Goodbye ... goodbye!" She managed to say before the woman disappeared.
'Can you tell so clearly that I slept with Naruto? ‘She thought.
"Hey Hinata what are you doing here alone?"
'Oh no, please don't you.' The addressee looked up and was slightly startled when she saw Sakura, Ino and Tenten in front of her.
"Sakura, maybe Hinata wanted to be alone for a moment to go through the last few hours in her mind." Tenten said to the pink-haired one.
'How does she know? Neji that damn chat bag. ‘
"What do you mean by that?"
"You really don't know Sakura yet?" Ino now interfered in the conversation.
The pink-haired one looked back and forth between the two, confused. Hinata tried to sneak away from it, but it didn't really work.
"Hinata do you want to tell her?" Tenten asked her before she could slip away.
"Um ... well ... I ... um ..."
“My goodness Hinata !!! I thought right now you had more courage. Sakura our little Hyuga has a boyfriend since today. ”Ino broke it out.
Sakura looked at Hinata first with big eyes, which then became more and more slit and glared at her angrily. Because if Hinata had a boyfriend, it had to be Naruto. And by now Sakura had taken Naruto into her heart. Only as a friend, but she only wanted the best for him.
"So you're dating Naruto?"
Hinata nodded quickly and prepared to run away quickly in case Sakura went crazy. Sakura came slowly towards her. When she was only a few steps away from her, she wanted to run away, but the pink-haired one suddenly hugged her.
"I'm happy for you." She said aloud, but added in a whisper, "but if you hurt him, then you will deal with me." She spoke the last part so softly that she could only hear Hinata. She released the hug and rejoined the other two.
"Tell me, Hinata, where is Naruto anyway?" Tenten asked her.
"He wanted to go to the Kage and discuss the next steps with them."
"Mhhh well, we have to move on now. Shizune is sure to be waiting for us. See you then, Hinata. ”With that, the three girls left Hyuga, who first took a deep breath. Actually, she and Naruto wanted to wait until the war was over and tell their friends about themselves, but apparently almost everyone in the camp knew it now. She walked slowly back into the crowd. She didn't know where she was going, but she didn't want to see her father again.
She was not five minutes away when she heard Kiba call her name.
"HINATA !!!"
"Kiba what's up?"
"There you are. Kind of hard to find in the crowd. I thought you were Naruto at first, because you smell pretty strong of him. "He looked at her questioningly, while she blushed again and looked shyly at the floor. "Well no matter. I just wanted to warn you. "
"To warn?"
“Your father is looking for you with Neji. And the way he looks, he's pretty angry. While Neji seems to be stuck in thought. "
"Mei ... my father?" 'Damn what am I doing now? My father will kill me ... ‘
"Hinata? What's on your mind? You know you can trust me with everything. I could help you with your father, but you have to tell me what's going on. "
Hinata was in a bind. She didn't want to tell Kiba that she had slept with Naruto, but she didn't want to meet her father alone either. So she decided to take the lesser evil.
"Kiba come with me!" Without waiting for Kiba to answer, she went to the edge of the camp again. As she expected, Kiba had followed her.
"What's the matter with Hinata?"
"I met Naruto."
"And? What does that have to do with your father? "
"Well, I met him a few hours ago."
"A few hours ago?? The way you smell right now, I would have thought that you met Naruto a few minutes ago. It is unusual for someone else's smell to stick to you for as long as it takes. It's common with couples, especially if they slept together or ... "Hinata blushed again. He looked at her wide-eyed. "You ... you slept with Naruto ???" he yelled in disbelief.
"Kiba !! Not so loud."
"Sorry. I am just surprised to be honest. And your father probably knows, doesn't he? ”She nodded briefly. "Phew that explains why he's so angry."
"Do you have any idea how I can calm him down?"
He looked at her sadly, because he had absolutely nothing to do with it. He was about to apologize to her when a young woman joined the conversation behind them.
"I have an idea."
The two teammates looked at the young woman.
"Hana, what are you doing here?" Kiba greeted his sister.
“Help you out of the patch. Hinata, I'll help you with your father, but you have to face him. Trust me."
The Hyuga was undecided, but finally agreed.
Hana turned around and called her Haimaru Sankyoudai. She whispered something to her three dogs that the Hyuga couldn't understand. Kiba, who probably understood, nodded to Akamaru. The four dogs then disappeared. Hinata wanted to ask what the two Inuzuka were up to, but Kiba wrinkled his nose and came to her.
"Your father will be here soon."
"WHAT?! What should I do now? ”She looked back and forth between the two siblings. Hana was the first to react by returning to the crowd and to Hinata's horror she called her father over.
"Hiashi we found you!"
"What are you doing there ???" Hinata asked Kiba in shock.
"Trust her and be strong now." He smiled at her before holding her.
"Kiba what is that supposed to mean?" She complained, but could not free herself. She tried to free herself further when she saw her father coming closer and closer.
“Thanks, Kiba, you can let go of her now. I don't think it will cause us any problems. "
Kiba nodded briefly before letting go of his comrade. Hinata slumped to her knees and was on the verge of despair. 'Kiba, how could you? ‘She noticed how tears were collecting in her eyes. She just felt betrayed. Her father came slowly to her. He leaned down and helped her to her feet.
“Hinata, tell me the truth! You slept with Naruto, didn't you? ”He gave her a stern look. Hinata felt overwhelmed by the situation. She looked her father in the face and slowly nodded.
Hiashi didn't move as he raised his hand and slapped his daughter on the face. The slap hit her completely surprised, so that she fell to the ground again. Kiba and Hana looked at Hiashi in shock. They didn't want Hinata to get hurt. Kiba helped Hinata to get up, but the Hyuga didn't want any help, at least not from him. She pushed her comrade away and got up herself. Hiashi came up to his daughter again.
“You have dishonored our house! You have to pay for that. "
He raised his hand again to slap her again. She saw the hand come towards her when someone stood in front of her.
"I won't let that happen!" Cried Naruto, who caught the blow. 'Naruto' thought Hinata.
Akamaru and Hana's three dogs have come back with the Uzumaki. The Inuzuka's plan was for Naruto and Hinata to confess their love to Hiashi and make it so official. They didn't know that Hiashi Hinata wanted to hit.
"How dare you." Hiashi complained.
“How dare you hit your daughter. She is the loveliest, most beautiful and most courageous person I know. You should be proud of her and not punish her just for following her feelings. "
'Thanks Naruto! ‘
"Get out of my way, brat! I'll take care of you later! ”Hiashi prepared to attack to take out Naruto. For his part, Naruto activated his kyūbi chakra mode and got ready for a fight. They both rushed at each other when Hinata interfered.
"Stop!! Both!"
Hiashi and Naruto stopped moving. Both looked at her in surprise and waited for an explanation from the dark blue haired girl.
“Naruto, I thank you for your support, especially for what you just said. But that is exactly what showed me what to do now. My father won't accept me until I've won the fight against him. "
"Hinata ..." Naruto returned to his normal state and withdrew. He went to Hinata and pulled her for a kiss. "Good luck!" He whispered after the kiss in Hyuga's ear. Hiashi, seeing the whole thing, turned red with anger. Hinata took a deep breath and faced her father. Neji, who had only stood passively the whole time, talked to Hiashi and tried to prevent the fight. But Hiashi could not be changed. So he fought back and stood next to Naruto, Kiba and Hana.
"Now you can prove whether you have what it takes to be a clan leader, daughter." Both got into a fighting stance and waited for the opponent's first move. Hinata opened the fight by charging forward and striking her father with the help of simple blows. This, however, dodged cleverly and pushed his daughter into the dirt. Hinata had just got up when her father suddenly stood next to her. Out of reflex, she used her "64 protective hands" and was able to save herself from her father's attack. However, when she finished the jutsu, her father met her with his gentle hands. It hit her lungs, knocking her back and finding it difficult to breathe.
"Hinata ..." she heard Naruto call. He wanted to see his girlfriend, but was stopped by Kiba and Neji. “No Naruto, this is your chance to go into business for yourself. Trust in their abilities. “Neji whispered to him.
Hinata was still on the floor. Her body slowly recovered from the blow. Through the vibration in the earth, she felt how her father came closer and closer. She got up quickly and took up a fighting stance again. Another hit like the one before and she wouldn't be able to fight any more. So she decided to use her strongest jutsu. This jutsu was only known to Naruto until now, as she had used it for the first time against her fight against pain. She closed her eyes and collected her chakra in her hands. Hiashi was still walking towards her, but slowed down because he didn't know what his daughter was up to now. She suddenly opened her eyes and stormed towards her father. Surprised by the action, Hiashi could no longer avoid it. The first three strokes prepare your final attack. The chakra which she had collected in her hands flowed outwards and formed two lion heads.
"Gently striding twin lion fist" She poked both fists into her father's stomach, who then flew into the next tent and stayed where he was. Neji, Kiba and Hana looked at Hinata with open mouths and couldn't believe what they had just seen. Naruto went to Hinata and kissed her to congratulate her on the win. Several onlookers have now gathered due to the noise of the battle. Hiashi was still on the floor but could speak.
“Not bad daughter. Now you are worthy of leading the clan. "
Naruto and Hinata were about to go to the injured man when Killer Bee appeared.
"Yo, Naruto! You both should go, otherwise you will fare badly. ”Before the two of them understood what the ninja wanted from them, Lady Tsunade appeared.
"Naruto, what does that mean again ?! I told you to rest and not fight our allies! ”The Hokage stamped in the direction of the injured man and saw Hiashi lying there with astonishment.
"Why are you attacking the head of the Hyugaclan ??? If you weren't so damn important to the war, I would now… ”She got no further as Hinata interrupted her.
"Lady Tsunade, Naruto didn't fight, I did."
"What??! How so??"
"Um ... well ..."
"Hinata fought because her father did not accept our relationship and she fought to keep her independence!"
"Your relationship?"
"Yes, I'm with Naruto!" She said in a firm voice and took the Uzumaki's hand. Tsunade's anger was gone, she smiled for it now. She treated Hiashi and helped him back to his feet.
"Damn it, Hiashi, did you have to do that in the war of all people ?!"
“I'm sorry, Hokage, but I had to be sure the Hyugaclan had a worthy successor. And I was a little upset about my daughter's rapidly developing relationship. "
"Quickly developing relationship?" Tsunade asked curiously. He leaned over to the Hokage and explained the situation to her. Surprisingly, the Hokage laughed out loud and turned to Naruto.
"Jiraiya probably taught you more than just jutsus."
"WHAT?! I'm not a perverted emerit! ”Complained Naruto.
Hinata looked confused at her father, who was walking towards her, smiling. “Hinata I hope you can forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt you, but I had to be sure that you are capable of leading the clan.I could die at any moment in this war, I had to be sure. ”A few tears welled in his eyes. "I love you, Hinata, and I wish you and Naruto all the best." A tear rolled down his cheek. Hinata had tears in her eyes herself. She ran to her father and hugged him. So the two stood together as a family.
Naruto was still arguing with Tsunade and was only made aware of the scene by Neji. He ended the argument and walked slowly to the Hyuga. These parted from the embrace. Hiashi kissed his daughter on the forehead. Naruto joined his friend and took her hand. Hinata smiled warmly when she felt the touch. Hiashi, who had never seen his daughter so happy, took Naruto by the shoulder and spoke to him.
“Naruto, I'm just asking one thing. Protect Hinata with your life. "
"I would do anything for my great love!" Hiashi nodded to him and left the young lovers alone. Tsunade called on people to get back to work. She watched the young couple for a while. When the two kissed, she decided to leave as well.
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