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Plastic bottles, recycled bottles, PET bottles, HDPE ...- Wholesale recycled soap bottles Always a quick quote for plastic bottles. Do you need empty plastic bottles to sell your product? On you will find a large assortment of HDPE bottles, PET bottles and different types of closures. For filling food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning agents, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Recycled shoulder bags and messenger bags Our shoulder bags and messenger bags are made from recycled cement sacks and fish feed sacks real all-rounders and the ideal bags for individualists

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Bottles wholesale for glasses and bottles. There are lots of cheap bottles, jars, caps and cans for bottles! Would you like to know your individual conditions? Then contact us directly: Phone: +49 (0) 7141 - 6 43 69 25 Mail: [email protected] or use the contact form.

This is how plastic bottles are recycled -

In Germany, anyone who brings their PET bottles back to the supermarket receives a deposit of 25 cents per bottle. Because this deposit price is comparatively high, over 96 percent of the bottles are returned to the shops.

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Printed using screen printing in our own screen printing shop, recycled paper carrier bags with printing are available from 250 pieces. These can be delivered within 10 days of approval for printing. Material. The basic material of these bags is waste paper, which is processed in a relatively simple process and then, with the addition of approx.

Recycled bottles - can be ordered from 25 pieces

"Recycled material, the new standard in the bottle world" We want to make recycling bottles accessible to everyone. See our green range. More answers to important questions. About plastic About recycling And about us But is plastic environmentally friendly? How does recycling actually work?

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Yes something. It has to do with the production process. The factories in which the recycled bottles are produced are basically set up for new bottles. It is a fully automated process. If we want to make recycled bottles ...

Recycled plastic bags • F&F packaging

The recycled material is processed into new products, such as the gray garbage bags, but also recycled plastic bags. All plastic films can be recycled, this is often also recognizable by the recycled label on the bottom of a plastic bag.

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Are you a stationary retailer and would like to include the handmade wellness products from the soap manufactory in your range? Due to the high demand, we currently need up to 10 working days to check your access. Please note the following procedure: 1.) Please register in our online shop 2.) Send an email to: [email protected] and ...

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Soap bottles. We offer a wide range of bottles for filling soap and detergent. The range includes classic bottles with handles, soap bottles for the household and cosmetic soap dispensers.

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