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From 20 to 50 Style guide: which trend color suits your age?

There are a multitude of fashion rules and trend guides that dictate which piece to combine and how and which cut fits which figure. But which color is suitable for which age? We'll show you which tones are ideal for which decade - and we'll reveal one thing in a moment: If you are over 30, wearing beige and gray is not an option.

The fancier the better: Orange in the 20s

The twenties are there to be tried out. Join crazy trends, dye your hair and wear crazy patterns. Bright colors are ideal for this decade. The trend color orange is currently not only popular with bloggers like Caro Daur. Orange is eye-catching, but still suitable for everyday use. If the complete look is too gaudy for you, you can spice up your outfit with orange accessories.

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Elegant but sexy: dark blue in the 30s

Dark blue is a timeless color that is perfect for women in their 30s. The color looks serious, but not old-fashioned. Whether it is suitable for the office as a blazer or as an evening dress - the color is versatile. Don't be afraid to try sexy cuts, the subtle blue still makes the look classy.

Trend-conscious: All White in the 40s

Unilook with a difference. Instead of always wearing black, complete looks in white are now the trend. You have to wear the look with confidence - that's why white is perfect for women in their 40s. The color makes you shine and stars like Katherine Heigl (41), Rachel McAdams (41) and Katie Holmes (41) show that the looks don't look like the innocence of the country ...

Bright: pink and coral tones in the 50s

Are bright colors only for teenagers? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Hollywood beauties like Sandra Bullock (55) and Elizabeth Hurley (53) show that eye-catching looks have no age. Singer Jennifer Lopez (50) shows on the red carpet that old-fashioned looks are out of the question. Whether the trend color Livin Coral or a light pink, this color palette is perfect for women in their 50s. The clay conjures up freshness in your face and gives you a youthful appearance. So an end to gray and beige and the courage to use color.

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