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strong bufferbloat in the upload and other strange behavior

Dear forum community, dear forum angels

Unfortunately I am a bit at a loss at the moment with the error pattern that shows up here with my landline internet connection.

Yesterday I asked in the support chat regarding the self-debugging message, after which I needed a new modem (self-debugging assistant ended with this message). However, the very hard-working and friendly support staff could not find any irregularities on the modem and line.

Here is the error picture in more detail, followed by some speed tests:

The short-term connection problems lead to:

-that I get kicked out of game sessions irregularly

Web pages do not load completely and have to be updated again and again

-In audio chats in the example of Discord there are brief but massive ping peaks and the quality of the conversation drops sharply (and there is packet loss)

-Also, there is always a somewhat strange problem that some connection requests end up in nirvana, but other pages work without any problems - that takes a few moments afterwards everything is going as it should.

This symptom can also be found with software updaters - whether from Microsoft, Adobe, Google Playstore (on Android devices) or Apple Store for the iPAD. - The update often has to be triggered several times.

This "error pattern" occurs relatively frequently, but at irregular intervals from one another and without a recognizable pattern or specific times when this occurs.

In the log (events) of the Fritzbox, however, I don't find any abnormalities (according to my understanding)
Also no CRC / ES / SES are noted in the DSL settings of the Fritzbox.
Likewise, there were no reconnection attempts, PPoE errors or the like - the connection was immediately synchronous and stayed that way.

It should be noted that the network traffic does not show any excessive broadcasts or other abnormalities internally and the upload channel is also not really loaded to 100 percent.

Could it be that the Fritzbox is just terribly bad in terms of QoS and queuing or is it another, maybe even known problem?

As you can see in the appendices, I found out through extended speed tests that these lag spikes could be caused by the massive upload buffer bloat.

But how these come about in this case with this irregular regularity and how I can fix it - I'm at a loss

Here are the links to the test results (if needed):


without upload buffer bloat:

If further tests were necessary, I would of course be happy to do them.

However, the standard procedure has already been checked (remove the Fritzbox from the network, restart, reset, isolate errors by switching the various devices offline, examine the network for broadcasts and multicasts, experiments with the MTU of the clients)

Thank you for your effort and also many thanks to all those who read this jumble here.

But in any case - have a nice weekend to all of you!

best regards