Clinton, what difference would it make

What difference would using rock sugar make in tea?

In other answers the possibility of different colors of rock candy was mentioned, but just to clarify, the question about this type of brown sugar from Teavanna is asked:

There is also clear ("white") rock sugar (sometimes called Rock sugar or Granulated sugar known), such as these:

As mentioned in another answer, will often Stone sugar made from beet sugar, although this has more to do with European sources and traditions than actual manufacturing needs.

As for the taste, I find Teavana's description misleading: "These pure, unprocessed sugar crystals are the best way to enhance the natural sweetness of your tea without altering the taste. As others have noted, the brown version of the rock candy has in usually molasses or light caramel notes so it is actually more likely that it will be your tea more flavored as more processed sugar.

If anything, I have made such minor taste change-related claims in the past white rock sugar belongs. There is an argument that larger irregular crystals, which grow slowly in white raw sugar, might have fewer impurities than smaller crystals in normal granulated sugar with a much larger surface area that collect undesirable substances during drying and processing. (In order to know this for sure, one would have to know a lot about the processing in the respective production facility). In addition, larger crystals with less surface area are less susceptible to the uptake of "off" flavors through moisture, making large crystalline sugar more storage-stable and less likely to taste "stale" when stored under less optimal conditions.

I suspect Teavana appropriated the marketing hype for the "purity" of large crystalline white sugar (which may actually be purer and have fewer undesirable flavors) and combined it with the marketing hype for "natural" raw sugar that contains the molasses and does not wash away other flavors / colors during processing. But both are not the same at all.

In any case, stone sugar should provide the same amount of sweetness by weight as normal granulated sugar. Apart from the longer dissolution time, the only difference may be that the brown raw sugars have a little more and the white raw sugars have a little less non-succrose-like flavors.