What is Imco Freight

frequently asked Questions

Which ferry routes can I book with Transcamion?

When it comes to freight ferry tickets, you are always at the right place with the experts of the Transcamion team. Transcamion has been cooperating closely with ferry companies for decades and has a complete overview of all ferry routes in Europe. This ensures you more than 800 ferry connections on over 400 ferry routes in and around Europe. Also in the Levant countries, Egypt and the Maghreb countries.

Can I book for all freight vehicles and modes of transport?

With Transcamion you can book ferry places for all trucks and modes of transport. Regardless of whether it is a sprinter, truck, articulated lorry, trailer truck or trailer unaccompanied or on its own axle. Of course, also for special transports with oversized dimensions and / or tonnage, dangerous goods transports and for transports of live animals.

How do I get the booking confirmation?

The booking process at Transcamion is entirely based on contemporary confirmation methods. You will therefore usually receive your booking confirmation by fax or email. On request, also as an SMS on the driver's cell phone.

How soon do I get the booking confirmation?

Thanks to decades of cooperation and our own direct EDP connections with many ferry partners, you will usually receive your booking confirmation within a maximum of 30 minutes. On some routes in the Mediterranean as well as in the Black Sea or so-called "exotic routes", the booking service of the respective shipping company is not (yet) up to Western European standards. Despite the best Transcamion contacts, it can take 1-2 days. However, Transcamion will inform you about the longer waiting time.

How long in advance do I have to / can I book?

The longer the route and the fewer departures are available, the earlier you should book with us. The shipping companies' freight booking lists are usually only open 1-2 weeks before departure. In most cases, it is not possible to make a reservation beforehand - but you can of course deposit your booking request with Transcamion earlier. We will then book your freight ferry place at the earliest possible point in time. Usually 2-3 days in advance is sufficient. For short distances such as B. Calais - Dover or Puttgarden - Roedby - assuming space is available - you can also book a few hours in advance at short notice.

Do I have a chance with "last minute bookings"?

The Transcamion team will try everything. However, success does not only depend on the timing and availability of space. The prerequisite is that the shipping company concerned supports last-minute bookings. Then we are also happy to accept bookings for short-term departures on the same day.

Do I need tickets to get on the ferries?

As a rule, you do not need any tickets and you will not receive any from us. Our reservation number together with the truck license plate entitle you to embark. This is done on the Transcamion account. This also enables us to accept bookings at short notice.

Do I get a separate invoice for the return trip?

You will only receive a separate invoice for the return journey from Transcamion if the return journey is not booked together with the outward journey. You will then find the note "OW" (one way) on the invoice, so this invoice only relates to the one-way route. If you book the return journey at the same time as the outward journey, you will only receive one invoice for both journeys, the return portion is then marked on the invoice with "RT" (return trip).

Can I also pay the ferry costs directly at the ferry?

Bookings via Transcamion must of course also be paid for with Transcamion. This is also an advantage for you. This is the only way to get the ferry price negotiated by Transcamion with the background of a long-standing, important partner of the shipping company. If you pay in the port, you then also have to pay the price valid at the port for the individual booking.

How is the driver accommodated?

Depending on the driving area, the drivers are assigned special cabs. These are often 2 or 4-bed cabins. Single cabins can be booked via Transcamion for a surcharge on request and subject to availability. On certain ferries, the drivers have their own tables reserved in the restaurant. Some ferries also offer separate “driver lounges”.

Are passengers already included in the ferry price?

Usually only the passage for one driver is included in the offers. But there are also routes in Europe on which a driver and a passenger are included in the price. For example to England. Only a person in possession of a truck driver's license is considered a passenger. For all other groups of people, it may happen that they are not accepted as a passenger because the price for the passenger is discounted. This also applies to wives or children.

What is the BAF (bunker surcharge) all about?

Various ferry lines are currently adding a fuel surcharge to sea freight. This surcharge is called "BAF" or "Fuel Surcharge". As BAF, Transcamion calculates the current rate on the day of shipment. These surcharges can also change on a daily basis, as can fuel prices at gas stations.

What if I arrive late at the port by truck?

If you find that you will only arrive at the port after the check-in deadline or even miss your departure, you can help ensure that you can be helped:

  • The telephone number of the embarkation office is usually on the Transcamion booking confirmation.
  • Please report there in good time if you notice that you will only arrive after the stated deadline or that you will even miss the ferry.
  • They will then try to rebook you for the next departure.
  • If the shipping company cannot offer a suitable departure or a free space, please contact the Transcamion booking office immediately.
  • We will then try to book you with another shipping company or on another route that makes sense as an alternative.
  • This Transcamion service is usually free of charge!

Is there an emergency hotline outside of business hours?

Yes - we will not leave you alone on the way, not even outside of Transcamion's business hours. In the event of any or unexpected difficulties, Transcamion will provide you with an emergency service cell phone number. The emergency service can also be reached by phone on weekdays until 10 p.m. and will help you to solve your acute problem. The emergency service cannot accept bookings. Bookings are accepted via our central telephone number by 8 p.m. at the latest.

Is my vehicle insured on the ferry?

Not automatically! With Transcamion, however, you can have your vehicle sufficiently insured against sea risks from the time it is parked on the ferry until the time it leaves this stand. For detailed information on the insurance options and for which type of damage a marine risk insurance is useful and necessary, please click on this button.

Who do I contact if the vehicle is damaged on the ferry?

Who to contact in the event of damage depends on what caused the damage. Therefore, please be sure to note the following distinctions:

  • The damage was caused by force majeure such as a strong storm, etc.: If you have taken out marine risk insurance, the damage will be covered by this (see insurance conditions). In this case, please report the damage immediately to the loading officer on board, have it documented and then forward it to Transcamion!
  • If the damage was caused by a deliberate mistake on the part of the shipping company or the shipping company's staff, you must report this immediately to the shipping company on board - preferably to the ferry's loading officer.
  • Damage z. B. caused by other vehicles or passengers are not the responsibility of the shipping company. As with a traffic accident on the road, you have to settle this directly with the person who caused the damage. We recommend that you make an inventory of the facts and promptly report the damage to your car insurance company.

Are "special inquiries" a problem for Transcamion?

We do not see special inquiries as a problem, but as an opportunity to demonstrate our full range. Thanks to our often direct and close contacts to shipping companies and other partners, we can also process special inquiries quickly and easily. Regardless of whether it is overweight, overweight vehicles, dangerous goods or live animals. No matter what it is - it doesn't cost anything to ask and the Transcamion team is not afraid to ask.

What about vehicles with oversize, etc.?

Special ferries are sometimes necessary for special transports with over 40 tons or from 20 m length, 3 m width or 4.5 m height. Transcamion has it. Also for more than 150 tons or 25 m in length or 5 m in width.

What do I need to know about dangerous goods on ferries?

The "IMCO classification" defines exactly what all dangerous goods are. From oil paint to explosives. Ferries with closed decks are often canceled. Transcamion knows where to find special ferries with an open upper deck for dangerous goods vehicles.

What other services can I expect from Transcamion?

Transcamion offers you a whole range of services for everything to do with booking freight ferry places. So that it works when it matters. Click on the button and you will be informed in detail about all Transcamion services, such as:

  • Online booking for quick processing
  • Express booking confirmation
  • Constantly updated ferry overview
  • Fair and affordable prices
  • Emergency help on the weekend
  • Reliability and planning security
  • Advice on optimal route planning
  • Expert team with native speakers
  • Ro / Ro as an alternative
  • Port knowledge for risk-free booking etc.