Matangi Whenua Geography Quiz

Geography quiz questions and answers

TopicQuestionAnswer AfricaWhich sound is unique to many African languages ​​including Xhosa?A click, made in the throat AfricaWhat is the Harmattan?A wind AfricaThe Kalahari Desert lies chiefly in which country?Botswana AfricaOf which country is Ouagadougou the capital?Burkina Faso AfricaWhich Moroccan city is the name of a famous film?Casablanca AfricaWhich substance, used to make a drink, is Ghana's main export?Cocoa AfricaWhich man-made structures would you see at Aswan and Kariba?Dams AfricaWhich language is Afrikaans derived from?Dutch AfricaFamine in which country triggered the Band Aid Charity?Ethiopia AfricaSouth Africa is the world's leading exporter of what?gold AfricaWhat is Africa's highest mountain?Kilimanjaro AfricaIn which African country is El Alamein, scene of a World War II battle?Libya AfricaWhich country used to be called South West Africa?Namibia AfricaWhich country is the main economic power in West Africa?Nigeria AfricaWhich African country is the tiger native to?None AfricaDoes most of Africa lie to the north or to the south of the Equator?North AfricaWhat do the initials OAU stand for?Organization of African Unity AfricaWhich European language is an official language of Angola?Portuguese AfricaWhat is the administrative capital of South Africa?Pretoria AfricaWhich country is further north Rwanda or Burundi?Rwanda AfricaWhat covers 85% of Algeria?Sahara Desert AfricaWhat is the area of ​​savanna in West Africa called?Sahel AfricaWhich country occupies the Horn of Africa?Somalia AfricaIn which country are the political parties ANC and Inkatha?South Africa AfricaWhat is the largest country in Africa?Sudan AfricaWhich is further west, Uganda or Kenya?Uganda AfricaWhich lake lies between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?Victoria AfricaNear which major landmark is the Boiling Pot?Victoria Falls AfricaWhat is the Okavango Swamp famous for?Wildlife AfricaThe names of which three African countries begin with the letter Z?Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zaire AsiaWhich country's flag is a red circle on a green background?Bangladesh AsiaWhich country has been officially called Myanmar since 1989?Burma AsiaWhich country is bordered by Laos, Vietnam and Thailand?Cambodia AsiaWhich sea lies to the north of Iran?Caspian AsiaWhich social system is divided into brahmins, ksatriyas vaisyas and sundras?Caste system AsiaIn which country are the Terracotta Warriors found?China AsiaWhat are the majority of the islands of Micronesia composed of?Coral AsiaWhat was the name of Bangladesh between 1947 and 1972?East Pakistan AsiaWhat are the Seychelles' three official languages?English, French and Creole AsiaWhich country is made up of over 800 islands including Viti Levu?Fiji AsiaWhich desert covers part of China and Mongolia?Gobi AsiaWhich country's official name in Hindi is Bharat?India AsiaIn which two countries is the Thar desert?India and Pakistan AsiaTo which country does East Timor belong?Indonesia AsiaWhat title does the head of state of Nepal have?King AsiaIn which country are the Cameron Highlands?Malaysia AsiaWhich country's capital is Ulan Bator?Mongolia's AsiaWhat is Japan's highest mountain?Mount Fujiyama AsiaWhen 'The Sound of Music' was shown in Korea what was missing?Music AsiaWhere were Gurkhas originally from?Nepal AsiaHow many rivers does Tonga have?None AsiaWhich neighboring countries' currency is the won?North and South Korea AsiaHow many vowels are there in Kyrgyzstan?One AsiaWhich 7000-island country lies in the Pacific, northeast of the South China Sea?Philippines AsiaWhat did Ho Chi Minh City used to be called?Saigon AsiaWhich area of ​​Russia has had the lowest temperatures in the world recorded there?Siberia AsiaWhat is the capital of Singapore?Singapore AsiaWhich Pacific islands share their name with a wise man in the Bible?Solomon Islands AsiaWhat are China's famous 'warriors' made from?Terracotta AsiaWhich country has designated Chachoengsao as its new capital?Thailand AustraliaWhich Australian city hosted its final Formula 1 race in 1995?Adelaide AustraliaWhich is the nearest major town to the southwest of Ayers Rock?Alice Springs AustraliaWhich sacred rock is the world's largest monolith?Ayers Rock AustraliaWhat is the name of the surfing beach on the outskirts of Sydney?Bondi Beach AustraliaAt which famous east coast bay did James Cook arrive in April 1770?Botany Bay AustraliaWhich meandering river is Brisbane built around?Brisbane river AustraliaWhat is Queensland's most northerly city?Cairns AustraliaWhat is the capital of Australia?Canberra AustraliaWhere does the rainforest meet the sea in northern Queensland?Cape Tribulation AustraliaWhich cape is at the northernmost tip of Australia in Queensland?Cape York AustraliaWhat is the world's largest sand island northeast of Brisbane?Fraser Island AustraliaWhat is the name of the world's longest reef?Great Barrier Reef AustraliaWhich mountain range runs parallel to the east coast for 4000 kilometers?Great dividing range AustraliaWhich national park, known for its Aboriginal rock paintings and wildlife, lies to the east of Darwin?Kakadu National Park AustraliaWhat is the capital of the state of Victoria?Melbourne AustraliaWhich mountain, at 1611 meters, is the highest in Queensland?Mount Bartle Frere AustraliaWhich two oceans are to the east and west of Australia?Pacific and Indian AustraliaWhich state capital lies on the Swan River?Perth AustraliaWhich state is commonly called the Sunshine State?Queensland AustraliaWhich famous surfing beach is to the south of Brisbane?Surfers' Paradise AustraliaWhich city with 3 million inhabitants is Australia's largest?Sydney AustraliaWhich mountain range to the west of Sydney was partly destroyed by bush fires in December 1993?The Blue Mountains AustraliaWhich range of domed mountains lies in Purnululu National Park?The Bungle Bungle Range AustraliaWhat is the coastline to the south of Brisbane called?The Gold Coast AustraliaDarwin is the capital of which state?The Northern Territory AustraliaWhich fossilized remains of an ancient forest are found in the NambungThe Pinnacles AustraliaAlong the Great Ocean Road in Victoria what 12 off-coast formations would you discover?The Twelve Apostles AustraliaWhich granite formation, formed by the wind, is to the east of Perth?Wave rock AustraliaPerth is the capital of which Australian state?Western Australia EuropeWhich country's capital is Tirana?Albania EuropeWhich country's highest mountain is the Grossglockner?Austria's EuropeWhich sea lies to the north of Poland?Baltic EuropeAlbert II became king of which country in 1993?Belgium EuropeWhich country's currency is the lev?Bulgaria EuropeBy what English name is Koln known?Cologne EuropeWhich country do Greenland and the Faeroe Islands belong to?Denmark EuropeBetween which countries does the Skagerrak lie?Denmark and Norway EuropeWhat are the two official languages ​​of Finland?Finnish and Swedish EuropeIn which four countries are the Alps?France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria EuropeWhose upper house of Parliament is called the Bundesrat?Germany's EuropeWhich country is called Elleniki Dimokratia or Hellenic Republic?Greece EuropeWhich country's landscape is made up of volcanoes and geysers?Iceland EuropeWhich country's chief river is the Po?Italy EuropeWhich country, whose capital is Vaduz, has no armed forces?Liechstenstein EuropeA region of eastern France has a girl's name with another girl's name as its capital. What are they?Lorraine and Nancy EuropeWhich island holds the George Cross?Malta EuropeWhat are Bessarabia, Moldavia and a former part of the USSR now known as?Moldova EuropeWhat is France's highest point?Mont Blanc EuropeWhich southern German city is famous for its October beer festival?Munich EuropeWhere is a passion play staged every ten years?Oberammergau EuropeWhich aid organization's emblem is the Swiss flag with its colors reversed?Red Cross EuropeWhich country covers 10% of the globe's land surface?Russia EuropeWhich countries are on the Iberian Peninsula?Spain and Portugal EuropeWhat are the Dardanelles and where are they?Strait, Turkey EuropeWhich Portuguese province borders Spain and the Atlantic Ocean?The Algarve EuropeWhere is The Netherlands' seat of government and administration?The Hague EuropeWhich country has had a prime minister called Wim Kok?The Netherlands EuropeWhich is Europe's largest country after Russia?Ukraine EuropeWhich state was Macedonia part of from 1945 to 1991?Yugoslavia United StatesHow long is the motor race which Indianapolis is famous for?500 miles United StatesWhich is the largest US state?Alaska United StatesIn which state is the Grand Canyon?Arizona United StatesLittle Rock is the capital of which US state?Arkansas United StatesWhich two New York boroughs begin with B?Bronx, Brooklyn United StatesWhich US state has the highest population?California United StatesWhere is the main space exploration center in Florida?Cape Canaveral United StatesIn which city is almost half of the population of Illinois to be found?Chicago United StatesWhich was the first of the original 13 states of the United States?Delaware United StatesWhich Michigan town is famous for the production of motor vehicles?Detroit United StatesWhat does DC stand for in Washington DC?District of Columbia United StatesWhat is traditionally easily available in Reno?Divorce United StatesWhich natural disaster is the San Andreas Fault prone to?Earthquakes United StatesWhich New York street is famous for its fashion stores?Fifth Avenue United StatesKey West and Key Largo are off the coast of which state?Florida United StatesThe discovery of what in 1848 led to the expansion of California?gold United StatesWhich US state used to be called the Sandwich Islands?Hawaii United StatesOther than White Americans what is the largest racial group on Hawaii?Japanese United StatesWhich New York borough is noted for its skyscraper skyline?Manhattan United StatesHow do you spell Mississippi?Mississippi United StatesWhich mountainous forest state has a settlement of Crow Indians?Montana United StatesOn which granite cliff are the faces of four presidents carved?Mount Rushmore United StatesWhich city, the capital of Tennessee, is famous for its music?Nashville United StatesWhat are a group of six States on the northeast coast known as collectively?New England United StatesWhich town is famous for its jazz music?New Orleans United StatesIn which city is La Guardia airport?New York United StatesThe name of which state has four letters, the first and last the same?Ohio United StatesWhich US state is the title of a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein?Oklahoma United StatesWhich language is the first language of 6% of the population?Spanish United StatesKansas is the United States' chief producer of which grain?WheatBehind the iron curtainWhen was the Hungarian uprising?1958Behind the iron curtainIn which year was the Berlin Wall built?1961Behind the iron curtainWhich eastern European country maintained close relations with China?AlbaniaBehind the iron curtainWho was the first Soviet statesman to hold the posts of general secretary and president simultaneously?BrezhnevBehind the iron curtainWho first popularized the expression 'Iron Curtain'?ChurchillBehind the iron curtainWhat name was given to the state of tension between the communist states and the west after World War II?Cold WarBehind the iron curtainWhat was the communist economic association called?COMECONBehind the iron curtainWhat were the KGB in the Soviet Union?Committee for State SecurityBehind the iron curtainWhy was the Sinatra doctrine so called?Each country to construct foreign policy on a 'my way' basisBehind the iron curtainWhich communist state was ruled by the Volkskammer?East GermanyBehind the iron curtainWho was East Germany's last Chairman of the Council of State?Erich HoneckerBehind the iron curtainWhich US president said in a TV interview in 1976, 'There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.'?Gerald FordBehind the iron curtainWhat was East Germany's official name?German Democratic RepublicBehind the iron curtainWhat was the name given to Gorbachev's foreign relations program?GlasnostBehind the iron curtainWhat was the Czech Charter 77 protesting about in 1977?Human rightsBehind the iron curtainIn which country were the AVF the security police?HungaryBehind the iron curtainWhich general introduced martial law in Poland in 1981?JaruzelskiBehind the iron curtainWho succeeded Stalin as Communist Party leader?KhrushchevBehind the iron curtainWhat was St Petersburg called during communist rule?LeningradBehind the iron curtainWhich exiled Czech wrote 'The Joke'?Milan KunderaBehind the iron curtainWhat name was given to the reform program initiated by Gorbachev?PerestroikaBehind the iron curtainWhat was the period of liberalization in Czechoslovakia called in 1968?Prague SpringBehind the iron curtainWhich newspaper used 'Iron Curtain' earlier in the sense of protection?PravdaBehind the iron curtainWho described the Soviet Union as 'The Evil Empire'?Ronald ReaganBehind the iron curtainWhich Soviet foreign minister formulated the Sinatra doctrine?ShevardnadzeBehind the iron curtainWhere in Gdansk was Solidarity founded?ShipyardsBehind the iron curtainWhat was the official name of the Soviet Union?Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsBehind the iron curtainWho was the leading statesman of East Germany in the 1950s and 1960s?Walter UlbrichtBehind the iron curtainWhich treaty organization was set up as a counterpart to NATO?Warsaw PactBehind the iron curtainWhich communist country remained outside the military alliance of eastern bloc countries in 1955?YugoslaviaGeographyWhat does each star on the flag of the United States stand for?A stateGeographyWhich sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia?AdriaticGeographyIn which continent is the world's longest river, the Nile?AfricaGeographyOn which continent is the Kariba Dam?AfricaGeographyMadagascar is to the east of which continent?AfricaGeographyChad is in which continent?AfricaGeographyOn which continent is the Kalahari desert?AfricaGeographyWhich US state has the Arctic Circle running through it?AlaskaGeographyWhich is further west Algeria or Ethiopia?AlgeriaGeographyIn which Swiss mountain range is the Jungfrau?AlpsGeographyOn the south of which continent are the Andes?AmericaGeographyIs the South Pole in the Arctic or the Antarctic?AntarcticGeographyWhat is the continent around the South Pole called?AntarcticaGeographyIn which Ocean is Greenland?ArcticGeographyWhich is the nearest country to the Falkland Islands?ArgentinaGeographyIn which country is Buenos Aires?ArgentinaGeographyWhich ocean lies between Europe and America?AtlanticGeographyWhich Ocean is to the west of Portugal?AtlanticGeographyIn which European country is Salzburg?AustriaGeographyWhich European country has an area called Flanders?BelgiumGeographyIn which country do most Flemish speakers live?BelgiumGeographyWhat is the largest city in the West Midlands?BirminghamGeographyWhat is the largest country of South America?BrazilGeographyWhich South American country shares its name with a nut?BrazilGeographyWhich is further south Yarmouth or Brighton?BrightonGeographyTo which country does the island of Bermuda belong?BritainGeographyWhich is the Queen's London home?Buckingham PalaceGeographyWhich group of islands does Gran Canaria belong to?Canary IslandsGeographyWhich group of islands does Tenerife belong to?Canary IslandsGeographyIn which Sea is Cuba?CaribbeanGeographyWhich islands are Sark and Alderney part of?Channel IslandsGeographyIn which country is the Yellow River, also known as Huang He?ChinaGeographyIn which country is Shanghai?ChinaGeographyIn which county is Penzance?CornwallGeographyIn which county is Lake Windermere?CumbriaGeographyWhich island lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean?CyprusGeographyIn which county is the Peak District?DerbyshireGeographyWhich county divides Cornwall from Somerset?DevonGeographyWhich bank is made of sand in the North Sea?Dogger BankGeographyWhat are the counties of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire collectively known as?East AngliaGeographyWhich country is connected to Wales by the Severn Bridge?EnglandGeographyGreece is in which continent?EuropeGeographyIn which continent is Slovenia?EuropeGeographyIn which continent is the holiday destination of Ibiza?EuropeGeographyIn which US holiday state is Miami?FloridaGeographyIn which US state is Orlando?FloridaGeographyIn which US state is Disney World?FloridaGeographyWhich country is divided from Spain by the Pyrenees?FranceGeographyBrittany is part of which country?FranceGeographyWhich country originally produced Peugeot cars?FranceGeographyNormandy is part of which country?FranceGeographyWhich country does the Loire flow through?FranceGeographyWhich language do natives of Hamburg speak?GermanGeographyWhich Rock is on the south coast of Spain?GibraltarGeographyWhat is the name of the biggest Canyon in Arizona?Grand CanyonGeographyWhat are Lakes Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario known as collectively?Great LakesGeographyWhere would you be if you had climbed Mount Olympus?GreeceGeographyWhich country does the island of Rhodes belong to?GreeceGeographyWhich island, in the Arctic Ocean, is the largest in the world?GreenlandGeographyWhich is the next largest island in the world after Australia?GreenlandGeographyWhich London palace has a maze?Hampton CourtGeographyWhich US state is a collection of islands in the Pacific?HawaiiGeographyWhat is the chief official language of Israel?HebrewGeographyIn which mountain range would you find Mount Everest?HimalayasGeographyWhich country is also known as The Netherlands?HollandGeographyIn which country is The Hague?HollandGeographyThe Arctic Ocean is not covered mainly by water but by what?IceGeographyIn which country would you be if you were visiting the Taj Mahal?IndiaGeographyIf you were looking at the Ganges which country would you be in?IndiaGeographyUrdu is an important language in which two Asian countries?India and PakistanGeographyIn which country is the holiday destination of Bali?IndonesiaGeographyWhich country has four letters, the last one q?IraqGeographyWhich country has four letters and ends in Q?IraqGeographyWhich island would you visit to kiss the Blarney Stone?IrelandGeographyWhich isle lies between England and Northern Ireland?Isle of ManGeographyWhich isle off the west coast of England has three legs as its symbol?Isle of ManGeographyThe island of Sicily is at the toe of which country?ItalyGeographyWhich country originally produced Fiat cars?ItalyGeographyIn which country is the resort of Rimini?ItalyGeographyWhich country's women might wear a kimono?JapanGeographyWhat is the world's second highest mountain?K2GeographyWhich county has a red rose as its symbol?LancashireGeographyWhat is the most westerly point of England?Land's EndGeographyWhich country is Santa Claus said to live in?LaplandGeographyWhich country in Denmark is made up of bricks?LegolandGeographyNear which large city is the Wirral?LiverpoolGeographyWhich is Britain's most southerly point on the mainland?LizardGeographyWhich US city is known by its initials LA?Los AngelesGeographyWhich country is Luxembourg the capital of?LuxembourgGeographyWhere would you speak English and Maltese?MaltaGeographyWhich sea separates Europe and Africa?MediterraneanGeographyIn which Sea is the island of Majorca?MediterraneanGeographyMonte Carlo is in which principality?MonacoGeographyWhat is the English for what the French call an autoroute?MotorwayGeographyWhat is K2?MountainGeographyWhat is the Matterhorn?MountainGeographyWhat is Holland also known as?NetherlandsGeographyIn which country are Maoris the indigenous population?