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Cleaning the Tefal OptiGrill: Tips for cleaning the contact grill

On this page I explain how you can easily clean the Tefal OptiGrill. Thanks to the high-quality coating of the removable plates, it is in itself very easy to clean the contact grill. With these little tips, cleaning works almost by itself and makes the device durable and usable for a long time.

Clean the Tefal OptiGrill - the right way!

Before cleaning the OptiGrill, let it cool down well after grilling. So first eat in peace and after about 30-45 minutes you can unlock and remove the heating plates and also clean the rest of the OptiGrill. The heating plates and the juice collecting tray can basically be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

Remove grill residues from the grill plates

If juice or fat escapes when grilling (especially meat), large amounts of dirt are sometimes left on the grill plate - which, despite the 7 ° incline, do not drip into the juice collecting tray.

This is especially annoying if you want to hang a second or third on the back after the first grill run. In addition, fat should not go down the drain, which is why the grill plates and drip tray should not be washed or placed in the dishwasher without first removing most of the fat.

These coarser dirt and grease residues can - as soon as the plate has cooled down a bit - carefully wipe off the grill with kitchen paper. For a second grilling process, however, it is very annoying to first let the grill plates cool down and then reheat.

It's easier & more convenient with theOXO Good Grips brushwhich was specially developed for contact grills. Due to the special design of the grill brush, the bristles get into the recesses of the grill plates of the OptiGrill. With this you can easily push grill residues into the juice collecting tray.

Please let the grill plates cool down a little before you use the brush.

What do I do with leftover fat?

Grease shouldn't go down the drain, it belongs in the trash can. Therefore, before cleaning the grill plates, carefully wipe the fat into the drip tray with kitchen paper or the grill brush. This, in turn, is wiped over the garbage can with kitchen paper and thrown in the residual waste.

Then you can wash the individual parts by hand or put them in the dishwasher - as I explain in the following section.

Clean the OptiGrill accessories

Cleaning in the dishwasher

The easiest and most convenient way to clean the used accessories in the dishwasher. The heating plates and bowl can be cleaned in a normal rinsing process, the Eco mode (50 ° C) is completely sufficient.

The rinsing process does not pose a threat to the coating of the grill plates - on the contrary: it is actually more gentle than cleaning by hand, as no material “scratches” the coating.

However, you should make sure that there is enough water on both plates, otherwise they will not get really clean. So it is best not to put the two plates directly one behind the other in the dishwasher and do not place large cutting boards directly in front of them. However, smaller plates can easily be placed with a little space.

Another tip: If you put the grill plates across in the dishwasher, the water can run off again - this avoids stains from leftover drops after the washing process. If you put the plates upright in the dishwasher you will save some space, but the water will not run off as well.

If the water can run off well, you usually don't have to dry the plates afterwards, but can put them back into the OptiGrill straight from the dishwasher.

Cleaning by hand

If you clean the grill plates by hand, make sure that you only use sponges or cloths without scratching surfaces - otherwise you will damage the coating on the plates. And this is not only important for grilling, but also for cleaning: With warm water and a little soap, the dirt almost dissolves itself. After washing the grill plates and the bowl, dry them best with a paper or Thoroughly remove the towel.

The special brush from OXO for electric grills, which is perfectly adapted to the surface of contact grills, is particularly practical. The silicone bristles are heat-resistant and don't scratch the coating on your grill plates. The grill brush can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher or rinsed by hand after use.

Since I got it, this brush has been an integral part of my OptiGrill life!

Clean the lid and the device

First of all, you can wipe the lid of the OptiGrill with a damp sponge. Then you dry it off with a cloth. You should also regularly wipe the rest of the device with a damp cloth.

The heating elements of the OptiGrill - which can be seen after removing the heating plates - should not be cleaned, but only wiped with a dry cloth if they are dirty. But that shouldn't really happen at all.

Tips for cleaning the OptiGrill

Tip # 1: Remove coarse dirt right after grilling

Immediately after grilling you can carefully wipe the OptiGrill with kitchen paper to remove the coarsest dirt before it is properly cleaned. The best way to do this is to leave the drip tray under the grill and wipe the coarse dirt into the tray with the cloth.

Caution: Since the device is still very hot immediately after grilling, you should fold the kitchen paper several times and only hold the grill by the handle of the lid.

Alternatively, you can of course also use the aforementioned grill brush.

Even if you want to prepare another dish in the OptiGrill immediately after grilling, for example, marinated meat, wipe it off briefly. This does not adulterate the taste.

Tip # 2: Remove stubborn dirt with cotton swabs

From my own experience, I can say that cleaning the grill plates in the dishwasher works perfectly, but after a while small, black, stubborn dirt or grease stains (can) form.

They don't bother you when grilling, which is why you don't have to remove them directly. But it doesn't hurt to invest a few minutes every now and then to get the grill plates completely clean.

A simple cotton swab will help you, the size of which fits perfectly into the grooves of the grill plates. It's that easy to remove even stubborn dirt! Additional tip: It is best to do this when the grill plates are fresh from the dishwasher - then the dirt is even easier to loosen.

Of course, you can also use a special grill brush here.

As you can see, cleaning the OptiGrill is actually child's play - and if you pay attention to a few small things, it can be done very quickly. So you can have fun with your grill device for a long time!

After grilling is before grilling

Once the OptiGrill has been cleaned, it is ready for the next use. You have no idea what you want to grill next? You can find some recipes here!

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