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Ariana Grande is a successful American actress and singer. She became famous for the role of "Cat Valentine" in a series on the television network Nickelodeon. It is only 1.56 tall and delights the masses. In addition to her work as a singer, she has also been seen as an actress in the cinema. Her life is marked by great success in the acting field.


First name: Ariana Joan

Surname: Grande-Butera

Nickname: Ari, Little Red

Born on the: June 26, 1993 (Boca Raton / Florida (USA))

gender: Female

Nationality: United States of America (USA)

Star sign: cancer

Job: Actress, singer and model

Siblings: 1 brother (Frankie Grande, actor)

Eye color: brown

Size: about 1.53 m

Hair color: currently - ? (Natural hair color - black)

Favorite book: Harry Potter

Favorite actress: Jennifer Garner

favourite movie: "13 going on 30"

Favorite music: Rock'n'Roll

Ex partner: Nathan Sykes, Big Sean

Favorite Food: Strawberries, sushi, mommy's noodles

Hobbies: Meeting friends, singing and dancing


Studio albums:

- 2013: "Yours Truly"
- 2014: "My Everything"

Awards (excerpt):

- 2008: National Youth Theater Association Awards
- 2013: Billboard Mid-Year Music Awards
- 2013: American Music Awards
- 2014: People’s Choice Award
- 2014: Nickelodeon Kids ’Choice Awards
- 2014: MTV Video Music Awards
- 2014: Bambi

Professional successes (acting):

- 2008: Role in the Broadway musical "13" (she played Charlotte) - Prize: "National Youth Theater Association Award"
- since 2009: role of "Cat Valentine" in the Nickelodeon series "Victorious"
Appearance in various music videos
- since 2011: Synchronization of the Princess Diaspro in the Nickelodeon animation
TV series "Winx Club"
- 2012: Role in the Nickelodeon feature film "The Big Swindle"

Things to know about Ariana Grande:

- she went on tour with her brother Frankie (he was one of her dancers)
- her name was inspired by the Princess Oriana from Felix the Cat
- Their role models in terms of fashion are Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe
- she is allergic to cats, shellfish, bananas and dark chocolate
- one of their best-known songs is the hit “Problem” which even climbed to number 19 in the charts in Germany in 2014


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