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The power elite shows their reverence for Satan

Posted by sternbald on June 4th, 2016 · Comments Off on The power elite shows their worship for Satan

The opening ceremony of the Gotthard tunnel on June 1st, 2016 obviously had the character of a satanic ritual: Among other things, a zombie army of predominantly white women in prisoner uniforms à la Guantanamo performed, obscene dances were performed, demons and figures of satan could be seen, and the whole thing was accompanied by a disgusting and discomforting background noise. Here is a video with individual scenes:

How is the whole thing to be assessed? As some comments under articles in the mass media and in blogs show, even open Satanism is not enough to start a thought process with simple minds (the isolated integration of elements of Swiss folk culture in this grotesque modern staging also serves some as an excuse for the alleged harmlessness of the Event).

The celebration was staged for 1200 invited guests, including the heads of state and government of neighboring countries and 300 selected journalists. That is, the power elite celebrated themselves and among themselves, but were careful to send a message to the subjects with the elaborate staging conveyed by the media.

This message is very clear: "We worship Satan". This may seem so unbelievable to an inexperienced person that he simply overlooks the message. When heads of state and government communicate with the world as part of a billion-dollar project, one can assume that they are being taken seriously. The NWO has entered a new phase, that of open Satanism. This is by no means the only clue that can be found.

This hint is especially valuable for those contemporaries who still turn a blind eye to the fact that world events are purely spiritually motivated: behind it is the battle between God and Satan. Targets such as the extermination of peoples, global totalitarianism, inhuman elections, etc. are not just fed by greed for power and profit, but betray a satanic malice, and this is not just a matter of rhetoric, but very real processes.

The new level of openness of the Satanists to be observed here suggests that the real consequences, i.e. genocide (primarily on us) and enslavement, may soon increase rapidly in speed and penetrative power.

There is currently no political force on this planet that speaks out clearly against this satanic policy and opposes it. The only protection is to trust God and clearly stand on his side. With this in mind, I recommend everyone to read the previous article and the texts linked to it.

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