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Planting and caring for potatoes properly brings a good harvest

There are over a hundred varieties of potatoes. But they have one thing in common: potatoes from their own cultivation simply taste best. And the nice thing is that you can even plant potatoes in the pot on the balcony.

Plant the right potatoes

There are over 100 varieties of potatoes that you can plant. Photo: © CampPhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Planting potatoes from the retail trade is possible. However, the prerequisite is that they have not been washed if possible and, above all, have not been treated with germ-inhibiting agents. Untreated organic quality is recommended here.

Specific Seed potatoes can possibly produce more income. However, they are significantly more expensive and when planting quantities are manageable, the use of Table potatoes an alternative.

Click here for the planting instructions for balcony gardeners

Planting potatoes in the bed: the right preparation

The ideal soil for planting potatoes is deep and well-drained soil. Before the potatoes get into the ground, the bed must be prepared. If you find the time in autumn, you put deposited manure or compost in the bed and work the natural fertilizer into the soil for the so-called heavy eaters.

Keyword heavy consumers: Plants that consume a lot of nutrients are called high-consumption plants. In normal potting soil or in a conventional bedding soil, they produce little yield and grow poorly without additional (natural) fertilizer use.

The soil is now well loosened, depending on its nature. Optionally, you can do this work in the spring before you plant the potatoes, but no later than two weeks before the potatoes are planted.

As a rule of thumb here are about 4.5 liters Manure or compost applied per square meter. If both are not available, hobby gardeners can too Primary rock meal spread. It is recommended to apply 300 g / m² of this. Potatoes then no longer have to be fertilized during the cultivation phase.

Good to know: Whether bed or balcony box, Primary rock powder is suitable for every earth. The slow release fertilizer (contains among other things nitrogen and potassium) improves the soil and promotes soil life.

Optional: pre-germinate the potatoes

If you plant potatoes in cool (mountain) regions or want to harvest an earlier harvest, then you should Pre-germinate potatoes.

You will achieve the best result if the Potatoes in a cool, bright room germinate. In dark rooms, they form weak, long shoots that break off all too quickly as soon as you plant the potatoes.

The room should 10 to 15 degrees the potatoes are in a box or in egg cartons. You start with the pre-germination 4 weeks before setting.

When to put potatoes

Planting time for potatoes is in this country from around mid-April. In cooler mountain regions it is better to wait until the beginning of May.

Put potatoes - a guide

When planting potatoes, keep a distance of 30 cm from tuber to tuber. Photo: © eag1e / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Potatoes, whether or not pre-sprouted, are planted in grooves 10 to 20 cm deep, with all of the shoots pointing upwards. Planting distance per tuber is 30 cm. A minimum distance of 50 cm is advisable from row to row.

Now pour the tubers well, keep them moist and wait.

Ideally, you build Potatoes only every four years in the same bed. And the Proximity to tomatoes you should avoid. Because: If potatoes have late blight, it easily passes over to the tomatoes.

How to care for potato plants

The piling promotes the harvest of the potatoes. Photo: © georgeclerk / E +

As soon as the potato leaves have grown 15 to 20 cm high, will piled up. To do this, pull up the soil to the right and left of the rows with a hoe. This encourages Yieldwhich is 9-12 times that of the potatoes planted.

As a rule of thumb, early varieties are harvested after 90 to 100 days. Late potatoes are sometimes only ripe 150 days after planting. This is at the latest when the foliage dries up. You can now remove the potatoes in portions until it is frosty or you can harvest them all.

Harvesting potatoes tip: It is best to choose a sunny day and let the potatoes dry out on the ground for a day.

Planting potatoes on the balcony: in a sack or a pot

Potatoes need space and nutrients to get off to a good start. Whether you plant potatoes in beds, pots or sacks does not matter to the nightshade plant.

Sustainability tips: Have you bought soil to fill your pots and window boxes? Then you can upcycle an earth sack and use it for growing potatoes. A volume of 60 liters is optimal.

Peat-free soil is our first choice.

For the Potatoes in a sack all you need is good potting soil and some compost or primary rock flour. The potato sack or pot is filled with 10 cm of soil, the potato is placed on top and covered again with 20 cm of soil.

When the foliage has grown about 15 cm, the soil is refilled again. So much so that it almost extends to the leaves. If you plant potatoes in a large pot, do the same.

If you plant potatoes in such a sack or in a large tub, then you should not plant more than two or three potatoes per container.

Tip for balcony gardeners and owners of small gardens: There is compost - also in organic quality - to buy in bags. It is not only ideal for heavy consumers, but also improves worn out garden or potting soil that is getting on in years.

Not with compostearth confound. This is potting soil with a low percentage of compost.

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