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Changing the mixer tap - step by step

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom: The Mixer tap on the sink meters the water flow at the tap and takes care of it by mixing cold and warm water two lines for the desired temperature. Before you get a new tap, however, you should check whether there is a boiler in the area. You can often find it under the sink in the kitchen. To process water from the boiler, you need a low-pressure tap.

In order to replace an old mixer with a new one, the Water supply interrupted from both lines. Then you loosen the old mixer tap at its connections and remove it before you attach the new mixer tap and seals to the sink and fasten the connections. Finally, you check whether the connections are really tight. As the Replacing your faucet exactly works and which one Tools and materials you need for this, you can read below.

Note: If you're in a Rental apartment you should discuss the replacement of the tap with the landlord if necessary. In some cases, the built-in fittings are part of the rented apartment furnishings - then you are not allowed to replace them without prior consultation.