How to fix uncooked rice pudding

Rice pudding casserole with apple without pre-cooking

Sometimes you really want to know. I am anyway. Something is driving me and I can't stop thinking about a topic or a task. Like a calf bite that won't let go. This time I got stuck with this recipe. My vision: A rice pudding casserole without having to pre-cook the rice pudding. Just like with oven risotto. Simply put everything in the baking dish and put it in the oven.

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That sounds easy, but unfortunately it wasn't that easy. It was a long series of tests to find exactly the ideal oven heat / setting and the cooking time for the rice pudding casserole with apple. Milk can boil over, can burn and turn black. In addition, it was also important to me to determine the ideal quantities and proportions of ingredients so that a smooth and creamy rice pudding is created that tastes delicious.

MILK RICE Casserole with apple or pear - with or without raisins, whatever you want

Everyone has their own taste for rice pudding, or the variant from the saucepan. This variant from the oven is nice and sweet but not too sweet and has a light vanilla aroma. Nevertheless, you can of course vary the amount of sugar. In contrast to the saucepan variant, healthy fruit can also be placed directly in here. If you prefer to use pears instead of apples, nothing stands in the way. You can of course experiment with all other types of fruit, but I don't have any experience. The raisins are also optional. I know some people don't like to eat them and always pull them out. You can omit them, but you have to know that they give the rice pudding casserole with apple a nice flavor.


The rice pudding casserole with apple is one of the types of meals that are quick and easy to prepare but take a long time to prepare. Everything is stirred in the casserole and the rice pudding comes in without pre-cooking, i.e. raw. So the casserole allows you to forget about it for a long time to devote yourself to other tasks. He needs a total of around 1 hour and 15 minutes to cook in the oven. It is very important that you make a cover on your baking dish so that the milk does not darken and burn. This can be, for example, a glass lid or aluminum foil or something else. But a cover is a must!


If you are curious and / or “don't trust the roast” and carefully look how the casserole develops: don't be surprised! The cooking process only starts in the last 15 minutes or so and milk and rice pudding become one. Before that, everything is still quite fluid. But if the timer rings, it's done. At most it can be that there is still some milk left on the floor. Then you have the choice between stirring well or leaving the casserole to rest in the switched-off oven so that the milk continues to soak into the rice.

The latter gives the rice pudding casserole with apple a nice casserole look. The stirred version makes it look like rice pudding out of the pot.

If you prefer the traditional rice pudding variant, I have my recipe for mine here Rice pudding classic.

Other simple rice dishes from the oven that cook on their own are my hearty and popular dishes Oven risotto with carrots and sun-dried tomatoes as well as mine Oven risotto with lemon, thyme and basil.


Rice pudding casserole with apple without pre-cooking

The simplest rice pudding casserole without pre-cooking. Prepared in just 10 minutes, everything in the baking dish - the oven easily does the rest.
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  • The first thing you do is heat up the oven 180 ° circulating air up - that's my recommendation (alternative: top / bottom heat 200 °. The cooking time can then be slightly longer because of the heat distribution).
  • Then peel You the 300 g Apples quarter and core them and cut them into approx. 2 cm cubes.
  • In an ovenproof casserole dish (does not have to be greased) you give the Apple pieces, 30 g sugar, 2 packets vanilla sugar (or the pulp of a vanilla pod, add the scraped pod), 1 pinch salt, and optionally 40 g Raisins.
  • Now you add another 200 g UNCOOKED / RAWrice pudding, 900 ml Whole milk and 100 g cream and mix everything together well. Very important, finally a suitable one cover place on the shape, e.g. a large oneGlass lid, aluminum foil or something else that your baking dish firmly encloses, on the middle rail in the preheated oven for 1 hour15 minutes to bake. A cover is very important Otherwise the milk will burn, turn black and possibly even spill over.VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: So that the milkWhen it is hot, it is very important that the baking dish is not filled to the top (at least 1-2 cm distance). The milk must be able to expand, i.e. get hot and simmer, and for this it needs sufficient space. So if in doubt, choose a larger shape. It is also VERY important that your cover closes tightly to prevent it from overflowing. If you use aluminum foil, you should press it down on the edge. Should you be curious and check out the casserole every now and then. Not surprised! Only in the last 10-15 minutes does the cooking process start to take off and milk and rice pudding become a mass. The time before everything is fluid for a long time and you think that will be nothing in life.
  • After the time has elapsed, you can use the casserole mix well or in the switched-off oven for another 10 minutes let restso that any milk that is still on the floor is absorbed. To serve, add the casserole to taste Cinnamon sugar serve. I wish you a good appetite.


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