Maplestory how to get parchment helmet

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Trading maplestory accounts!
05/19/2015 - Trading - 7 replies
Hi im trading my maplestory account which has a level 102 Dawn Warrior, Level 90 Nightwalker, Level 74 Crusader, Level 58 Mechanic, Level 41 Hunter, and a level 42 Cleric, Im trading this for any account that has 1 character that is 110+ there does not need to be any funding on the character. My accounts have some decent funding! Pm me or leave a comment below if you are interested !! :)
[S] 2x Maplestory GLOBAL accounts!
09/24/2012 - Trading - 16 replies
Hallilhalo, I am selling my 2 Maplestory global accounts. As you may know, accounts created with MS Global after May 2007 can no longer be played from within Europe. So be aware of what I have to offer here. My 2 accounts were made before May 2007 and did not attract any negative attention. With an account I still have all information, except for the security question, i.e. you can change the pw! With the other, I miss my "last name" and that ...
[AD] Play KOREAN maplestory! Free accounts made daily.
04/17/2012 - Maple Story - 34 Replies all info here please READ it all. Ever wanted to play KMS? Well i'm giving the chance for people to play KMS easily. All you gotta do is 1) be dedicated i'm not making accounts just so you can quit in 5 days you gotta be active. 2) Spread the word, I'm only doing this because my guild in KMS isn't that active. 3) follow the rules. Don't mess with koreans / scam. All you gotta do is provide a PM or post in this thread if you are interested.
08/05/2011 - Maple Story - 4 Replies
Level 155 Zenith Wild Hunter FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE 68 Saved Skill points 60 base str /MapleStory2011-07-1620-59-24-79.jpg Level 128 Scania Evan w / Eternal Trailblazer Evan Medal !! /MapleStory2011-07-1823-15-55-55-1.jpg Level 131 Scania DrK Nice Damage Hot Equips, Married for you APQ Lovers http: // i78 / albums / j90 / seikenninja /DRK-1.png Buyers anyone? Put some bids up: mofo:
Selling / trading 2 Maplestory accounts
02/18/2009 - Maple Story - 43 Replies
Im Trading 2 Maplestory Accounts 1.-Lvl.67 Bandit Has 10 + m messo and 2 sets of tobis and illibis Ill trade for warrock or runescape accounts 2.-Lvl.34 Assassain Has 10.5mill messos NX cash And Red Skis ... 3 Steelys ANd 1 ‚Äč‚ÄčIllbi 3.-Lvl.96 Mage Has ALot Of stuff and i mean ALot pm me if interested or post

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