How to Refill Parker Fountain Pen Converter

Piston filler and filler with converter

What is an ink converter?

The piston converter turns a cartridge fountain pen into a piston fountain pen. Instead of a cartridge, the Piston converter in the front part of the writing instrument screwed in or plugged in. The converter is then filled with an ink of your choice from the ink glass.

The filling process is carried out using the same method as with a classic piston fountain pen. The advantage of the piston converter is obvious: When choosing the right writing instrument, you are not limited to the classic piston fountain pens, which are only offered by certain manufacturers and only there in individual series.

In addition, one with the Piston converter The entire range of writing inks is available from all manufacturers. Piston converters avoid the plastic waste from disposable cartridges and thus help to protect the environment.

A piston converter is also helpful for the cleaning of the fountain pen. By pulling up the converter several times with lukewarm water, you can rinse the fountain pen thoroughly and at the same time remove deposits from the ink feed.