How do I create an HTML report in QTP

The conditions for creating a quiz

As always, for all the good things in life there are a few regulate.
Please read them carefully and confirm to us that you will adhere to them.
1. All content that violates German law violate or are only suspected illegal must not be incorporated into a quiz.

Examples of such content:
  • pornography
  • Violation of human dignity
  • mobbing
  • Crack or warez
  • content glorifying violence
  • drug-glorifying content
2. The user guarantees that the data he has uploaded lawful and Free of rights of third parties are. Should be used by third parties because of the content made available by the user, the user must indemnify from any damage and all costs (including the costs of legal defense), unless the user has not to represent. 3. has the right to delete a test at any time if there is a suspicion that point 1 or 2 has been violated. 4. Your name and email address will be not passed on to third parties. Your name will be published with the test and quiz participants can send you tips and comments via the web form. Your email address will be not disclosed.