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Valheim: How to make and use a raft

In order to survive in the Viking-inspired world of Valheim, you have to make all kinds of tools, weapons and, above all, boats.

Valheim offers a variety of different habitats to explore, including bodies of water, swamps, mountains, and more. But to cover great distances quickly, you need a Mode of Transportthat you can use to get around. And what could be more inspired by Vikings than a ship?

Build a raft

To start sailing you have to build a raft. While there are bigger and better ships that can be built once you have better supplies and an improved workbench in Valheim, the raft is a great place to start exploring. If there is a workbench nearby, you need 20 wood, 6 leather scraps and 6 resin. You choose the hammer and then "Raft" under the "Miscellaneous" tab. A click with the left mouse button lets the new ship into the water.

Wood can be collected from trees with a pickaxe and Snippets of leather can be acquired by killing deer or wild boar. resin is only dropped by gray dwarves, and unfortunately it is required for many important instructions in the game. Resin is not only needed for the raft, but also for torches, fire arrows and even for the longships.

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Sail the raft

As soon as the raft is ready and you have launched it, you can start sailing. If the raft is stranded, you must first swim behind the raft to push it a little offshore before you can climb on board. The next thing to do is determine the direction the wind is blowing and use the wind to fill the sails.

Sailing with the wind is pretty easy, but sailing against the wind requires moving back and forth in a zigzag pattern while keeping the sail about 45 degrees to the head wind, the so-called Cross. With the Rudder you can move the raft in the right direction and at the right speed. With the buttons WASD you steer the raft forward, turn it or pull it back. There is currently no way to capsize a raft, no matter how windy or stormy the waters are, but the raft can get stranded or get stuck on rocks or other things.

While one is fairly safe on the seas, dangers lurk on the coast. When heading for beaches or near land, enemies can attack the raft from the bank. It is advisable to keep a safe distance between the raft and anything on the coast when navigating the waters of Valheim.