How to use epsa hair color cream


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rich in emollient ingredients and milk proteins, which provide a moisturizing and nourishing effect

  • perfectly covers white hair
  • can be used as permanent as well as semi-permanent hair color
  • Brightening up to four levels possible
  • must be mixed with Activation Source Activators (not included)

Contents: 100 ml


The manufacturer's recommended best-before date may have expired.

Read the instructions and instructions for use before use. Only for commercial use. Product can cause allergic reactions. Do not use the product if the scalp is sensitive, irritated or injured. Keep out of the reach of children. Pay attention to the warning notices. In our range we also have articles that are only intended for commercial use according to the provisions of the Cosmetics Ordinance. By placing your order, you confirm that you are using the articles in accordance with the cosmetics regulation. If someone else orders these items and / or uses them improperly, you will be held responsible for any damage.
Product may contain resorcinol, phenylenediamine (tolylenediamine), phenylenediamine or ammonia. Rinse hair well after use. Do not use for coloring eyelashes and eyebrows.

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