Where was el infierno filmed

AsunciĆ³n: While the country is wondering where Mario Abdo, who has gone into hiding since the beginning of the government crisis, is at least known that his wife, children and in-laws are in Miami. On the other hand, he met in secret with the country's bishops.

These, united in the bishops' conference, said at a press conference that they advised Abdo not to hide further, but to tackle the problems head-on and to listen to people's criticism. Abdo, who, after his concessions to Cartes, has the backing of his voters as spineless lost, lets Cartes support him and rubs wherever he is directed. But admitting this publicly, resigning or proactively presenting plans from the crisis is far from him. He's tired of fighting and just wants some rest. This is reflected in his current stance. The only question is when Abdo will also fly to Miami, since his role has already been taken over by others. Even with the presentation of the new restrictions, he lets the cabinet pace up and down while he listens from a distance.

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