Shikamaru and Temari lemon fanfiction where Naruto

Musings of a ShikaTema and TodoMomo fanatic.

  • A Nameless Fic Because Shikamaru Said So by Oh Dee (72,858) M: Shikamaru thinks high school is troublesome enough without a foreign exchange student. Temari thinks hell is bad enough without a pineapple haired lazy ass. Funny how things work out

  • A Stupid Excuse for a Fairy Tale by TaintedMoonlight (41,954) T: Princes aren’t real, but demons are; kingdoms fall, but others are discovered. The heroine shines and everyone else dulls. Modern day fairy tales are hard to come across and this one isn’t one at all.

  • The anecdotes by SunaPrincess7 (38,669) T: "Life is something to do when you can’t get to sleep." The moments in Shikamaru’s life when he is not asleep. Drabbles

  • Blue Notebook by LalaMoped (8,330) T: She didn’t know who he was, but read his notebook anyway. Is it possible to fall in love with someone based solely on how they write?

  • C Plus by viiisenya (68,148) T: Temari met his eyes as soon as she bit down onto her fork. Greatness echoed Asuma's voice, sending a chill down his spine. She grinned at him, something candid and believing, leaning forward slightly. "And, just so you know," her voice was hushed as if she was telling him a secret, "a C + GPA doesn't condemn you to a C + life."

  • Candyman by Coelha-chan (2,559) T: There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm. Sakura, Ino, Shiho, and Tayuya discuss the merits of Shikamaru.

  • Chains by Valerie Sabrina Verzoe ​​(91,437) M: The Suna Princess left her homeland when the Konoha army invaded. She fell into the hands of the Konoha army and ended up a courtesan in a magnificent manor, where she met the lazy genius of Konoha. Where will the chains of fate lead her? And what sinister plans lurk in the grandeur of the city? Will Suna rise again?

  • Coffee Shop Soundtrack by viiisenya (Incomplete) (55,795) T: In his four years of coffee making, he had never made a mistake. So, when that Bothersome Blonde he’d never seen before came trudging to the counter complaining about her order being made wrong, Shikamaru couldn't help getting irrationally defensive and argue with her. It also didn’t help that she happened to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen in his entire life.

  • The Desert and the Deer by nahra (28,187) M: Shikamaru has no idea how long he's been a death god. All the lives he's taken have become a blur, the faces a haze. Until he's sent to kill the wind witch Temari. She recognizes him for what he is and immediately invokes the Laws of Old, forcing him into a dangerous gamble that changes everything.

  • How the Prince Met the Girl, How He Lost Her by Oh Dee (52,348) T: Prince Shikamaru has no intention of getting married or taking over the throne, but when certain circumstances give him no choice, he decides to make a plan that will have his future wife running for the hills.

  • The Levels on Which We Lie by pearlsong (Incomplete) (65,667) M: College is a drag, but it doesn't have to be. (Alternatively, two dumb geniuses playing relationship chicken)

  • Slave by SunaPrincess7 (Incomplete) (71,542) M: Suna has lost the war. Badly. Temari is captured and taken to Konoha as a slave. There she ends up working for a rich family, the Nara’s.

  • What It Takes to Make Her Smile by TaintedMoonlight (23,449) T: Not every fairy lives a happy life. Not every course is made to last. Not every girl is doomed to laugh. They say she cannot smile for if she does, then she must grant any wish her jester chooses to comfortably and her life will fade with every wish.