Microsoft Outlook no longer works when printing

Print email messages, attachments, and calendars in

You can have email messages, attachments, and calendars in

Print email messages

  1. Select the message to be printed.

  2. Select at the top of the page > To press out.

  3. A preview of the message will open in a new window. Select at the top of the window To press out.

  4. In the dialog box, choose To press the printer options you want, and then To press out.

Print email attachments

To print email attachments, you can download the attachments and save them to your local computer or OneDrive, and then open them with the appropriate program. For example, you can open and print DOC files with Word and PDF files with Adobe Reader.

  1. Open the message that contains the attachment you want to print.

  2. Under the attachment, select the option Download out.

  3. After the file is downloaded, open it in the appropriate program and select the option to print. For example, open a DOC file in Word, and then print the file.

Printing calendars

You can have a calendar view in

  1. Choose at the bottom of the Calendar page.

  2. Choose abovein theDisplays the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month view.

  3. Go to the dates you want to print.

  4. Select Print at the top of the page out.

  5. A preview of your calendar will open in a new window. You can change the calendar you want to print, the view you want to print and the time period. You can also enable or disable the mini calendar that is printed at the top of the page. Choose To press out.

    Note: By default, all currently selected calendars are printed. To print a specific calendar, select the drop-down menu under in the Print window calendar out.

  6. After choosing the settings, select Express.

  7. Choose in the Print dialog box, select the options that you want to use, and then select Express.

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